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15 Groomsman Gift Ideas That Aren’t Lame

Groomsman Gift Ideas

The perfect groomsman gift needs to be a balance of personal and function. Gift cards aren’t a good idea. Do you think those silly “groomsman” boxer briefs are ever going to be used again? And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t give them tuxedo t-shirts. Here are some groomsman gift ideas that are actually good.

Finally, contrary to what they tell you — they don’t have to be personalized.

Looking Good


No gentleman is complete without cufflinks, and chances are your groomsmen will need a pair for your big day. Making sure they all match is a nice touch your fiancee will probably appreciate.

Slim profile wallet

A slim profile wallet holds cash, coins, and your apartment key, as well as any cards, while still fitting in your front pocket.


What’s classier than a guy with a pocketwatch? Nothing, that’s what. If you have a style-conscious friend in your groomsman troupe, he will love this gesture.

Shaving kit

There’s shaving, and there’s shaving. Replace your friend’s Gillette with a safety razor kit complete with a luxurious cream and aftershave. Their life will be forever changed.

Beard grooming kit

Got a friend who’s not into shaving? No problem. Instead of a razor, gift him a set of trimming scissors, a sculpting blade, and some beard oil to keep that face mane glorious.

The Man’s Man

Multitool Hatchet

Have a friend who likes camping? Give him his own hatchet. Good for more than just splitting wood and driving in tent stakes.

Swiss Army knife

This one’s a classic on every guy’s wish list. As a toolbox that fits in his pocket, it’s hard to go wrong here.


What’s better than a Swiss Army knife? A tool card. This gadget is no toy — with 40 functions inside what is essentially a credit card, this is the Swiss Army knife’s 21st century upgrade.

Zippo lighter

Cigars and cigarettes may be on their way out, but the Zippo lighter is a timeless symbol of masculinity. Choose from hundreds of designs to make it personal.

Alcohol Connoisseur

Drinking horn

It doesn’t get much cooler than a drinking horn, and if your buddies have ever seen the show “Vikings,” this is probably on their wish list. Make their dreams come true on the same day as yours.

Whiskey stones

If you’ve ever had watered-down whiskey, you know it’s a tragedy to be avoided at all costs. Just stick these stone cubes in the freezer and then say goodbye to ice cubes and disappointing drinks.


Brassanimals Brass Band 15 Groomsman Gift Ideas That Aren't Lame

Speaking of whiskey, if your boys love good liquor (and your budget allows), treat them to a bottle of something nice to thank them for their support on your big day.


Steak branding iron

Does your friend make a killer steak or rack of ribs? Make him own up to it with his own signature steak brand. This is the one scenario in which personalization might actually be a good idea.

Grill apron

Who said aprons are only for women? This essential tool protects your best mate during grilling, welding, blacksmithing, woodworking, leatherwork…you get the idea.

While there are plenty of lame ones, there is no one perfect groomsman gift. A high-class shaving kit might be perfect for your clean-shaven friend, but it’ll collect dust in your bearded friend’s bathroom. Don’t give a hatchet to a guy who isn’t outdoorsy. And don’t give alcohol accessories to a recovering alcoholic. Groomsman gifts are meant to be classy, so have a little tact.

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