4 Oft Forgotten Things in Wedding Planning

You’ve booked the caterer, bought the dress, ordered the invitations and picked out flowers. While it may be easy to remember the major elements of wedding planning, it is often the little overlooked details that can make or break your special day. Here are four commonly forgotten aspects of wedding planning that you do not want to miss.

Figure Out a Plan for Children

If you’re including children in your wedding festivities, it is important to think ahead and implement a plan to make sure that they’ll have a great time. A specially designed kids menu will ensure that even the pickiest eaters find something to eat. A designated kids’ activity table will give the younger guests at your reception a place to hang out. Giving the children kid-friendly party favors will also make them feel included and special.

What Happens After the Honeymoon?

Even if you haven’t gotten a place yet, be sure to have a place to crash when you return from your honeymoon. The last thing that you want as you begin your new life together is unnecessary stress over where to stay. While the excitement of the wedding might overshadow this, it’s important to set expectations before moving in, such as considering combined budgets and cleaning duties.

Consider Outside Conditions

Even if your wedding is not being held outdoors, it is important to consider the weather and have a backup plan in case of inclement conditions. For example, be sure to have a contingency plan for rain or snow, such as having a tent or other type of cover for outdoor seating at the reception. Knowing the time of the day’s sunset will also help to get the best possible lighting for your photographs.

Designate a Point Person

Although most brides want to be in total control of planning in the time leading up to the wedding, it is a good idea to hand the reins over to somebody else when the big day finally arrives. Establishing a point person for all of your vendors will take the stress off you so that you can revel in the magic of the day and not be bogged down by making last-minute decisions.

By being intentional about the little details, you are sure to pull off a magical day that will exceed all of your expectations and get your marriage off to an exceptional start. Cheers to your future together!

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