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4 Tips for Giving a Superb Speech at Your Next Corporate Event

For many people, the thought of speaking before a crowd can result in immediate anxiety. But adequate preparation for an upcoming corporate event can provide the confidence to calm all fear and anxiety. The four tips discussed below will help to assure that the next speech given by an individual is a great performance.

Microphone Technique

Speaking into a microphone can present a quite different set of challenges for an individual than experienced with normal speech. The most skilled orator will lose the interest of the crowd if all they hear from a speech is the amplified sound of breathing.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your technique while speaking into a microphone. Make sure your throat isn’t too dry before starting your speech. Stand up straight. Standing either too close or too far away from a microphone when speaking publicly can result in a ruined speech. A great way to assure this does not happen is to have a trusted friend in the audience who can listen and communicate with the speaker when they are properly positioned in relation to the microphone.

Be Brief

When speaking at a social event no one will object to a speech that runs a little short. This will only give them more time to enjoy the food and other entertainment. When the setting of the speech is in school and a time range is to be observed, it may still be a good idea to stay on the lower end of the time requirement.

It is important to remember that no points have to be sacrificed when giving a shorter speech. A well-thought-out ten-minute speech can deliver the same information as a hastily put-together piece that is twice the length.

Speak Slowly

The average person speaks about 125-150 words per minute, which means that roughly speaking, you should write a speech that is about 625-750 words. But frequently, nerves get the best of people and they speak far too quickly during speeches. You’re going to need to slow down. Practice the speech, whether on your own or in front of one or two people to get their opinion, just make sure you don’t present the speech the first time in front of everyone.

Care should be taken to speak clearly and properly enunciate each word. The exact pace of speech that is optimal will depend on the environment in which the speech is given. A general target can be about 120 words a minute.


A joke or two is the perfect way to break up any monotony in a speech and assure the audience remains attentive. This can sometimes be a tricky proposition depending on the public speaking environment. The speaker should be mindful of customizing the taste of all jokes to the listening audience.

Thoughts of public speaking are not pleasant for many people. However, public speaking does not have to be a negative experience. The public speaker that pays attention to the four tips mentioned above will be well on their way to delivering a superb speech at any event.

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