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4 Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Fun

When it comes to planning a corporate event, you want to prepare something that people actually want to attend. After all, most corporate events cost a great deal of money, so why not spend that money on something your employees genuinely want to do. One of the best things you can do to make your corporate event an event to remember is to plan something fun. Here are four great ways to make your corporate event fun.

Take It Outside

The first thing you want to do to make your event more fun is getting it out of the office and into an outdoor venue. Whether it’s sleigh rides in the park in the middle of winter or a team building event in early spring, nothing shakes loose the corporate dust like getting out in the fresh air and sunshine – or even snow as the case may be. This is particularly good if you have a band playing for your corporate event.

Cut Loose

While managers and senior executives may feel they have a certain image to uphold, nothing will make a corporate event more fun than when the boss cuts loose. This doesn’t mean getting drunk and making a spectacle, but it does mean participating in a lively karaoke song or even being the first to form a conga line. Ultimately, leaders lead from the front and the includes when it comes time to have fun. From Entrepreneur, “nearly 60 percent of the more than 1,000 full-time employees surveyed said their relationship with their employer positively impacts their focus or productivity at work, and 44 percent said it positively impacts their stress levels.”

Have The Fun People In The Office Plan The Event

Ultimately, every office has that one person or small group of people that just want to have fun. Yes, they may be the ones to sometimes share memes or tell jokes that are inappropriate for the office, but when it comes to having a good time, they know their stuff. While every office also has the upholder or upholders of decorum, they are not necessarily the ones you want planning a fun event.

Be Unconventional

Visiting a haunted house or booking an 80’s hair band might not fit in with the 9-5 corporate ideals of your business, but they can be a lot of fun. The majority of your employees most likely have a limited range of tasks they perform over and over again, day in, day out, 250 plus days a year. Corporate events can be a great time to shake things up and do something really different.

Yes, you can play it safe and plan the same bland, boring event you’ve been holding every year for more than a decade now; which ensures that your senior members will start to consider letting people fall during the trust fall just to spice things up. If you want your event to be one employees will actually look forward to year after year, however, you have to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. After all, variety is the spice of life, not safety.

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