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5 Low-Cost Wedding Favor Ideas

Affordable Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding favors can be a fun expression of your gratitude to your friends and family for their attendance and support on your big day. However, they should not be breaking the bank, since the wedding itself costs enough as it is. No one needs another engraved votive or keychain. Instead, consider these more personalized options.

Sweet Treats

Edibles make fantastic wedding favors. There is no mess, no piece of junk to take home (and eventually throw away), and they are often delicious. Maybe bake something you know they’ll love or consider getting some personalized candy wrappers so that when your guest pulls a sweet out of their purse a month later, they think of you and remember how much fun they had celebrating your special day!

Mix Tapes

Sharing your favorite tunes with friends and family can make for a very personalized wedding favor. Compose a mix CD of your favorite songs as a couple to remind guests of your fabulous party while possibly introducing them to some new amazing tunes, and have fun with how you want to gift it, including hand-drawn cardboard covers or cute ribbons and cards.

Thrift Shop Glassware

One way to give a gift that is both practical and personal is to compile a table of glassware and invite each guest to take one piece home. Scouring thrift shops and consignment stores for the perfect glasses is also a fun pre-wedding bonding activity. Consider having some matching sets for couples to take home, or possibly matching your wedding’s theme with either beer steins, teacups, or champagne flutes. Whatever you choose to do, this eclectic wedding favor makes for a beautiful display and can even be used for people’s drinks at the reception!


Give the gift that keeps on giving with a pack of seeds. This gift can be personalized to be seeds of your favorite vegetable, a tree, or even the flowers that you had at your wedding. You can often also add your text to the bag to add a small, sweet touch.

Charitable Donation

Instead of spending money on gifts that your guests may or may not appreciate, consider making a generous contribution in the name of your friends and family. Help them feel involved by adding a suggestion jar at the reception so that your guests can contribute their ideas for which charity should benefit.

However, if you decide to honor your guests, remember that everyone is there to celebrate with you – especially after you’ve planned a great cocktail party or reception with the entire works such as live music or great food. No one will be upset or offended if you don’t provide them with a sterling silver picture frame. Everyone is there to support you, and while party favors can be a fun reflection of the couple, they are not necessary nor should they be expected. Whatever you do, don’t stress over it. Do whatever comes most naturally to you, and your guests will love it.

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