5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Extra Classy

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Marriage is an important commitment, and the wedding ceremony is a highly anticipated moment for many couples. While there are a wide array of wedding themes and styles most couples opt for a day graced with elegance and class. Here are five tips for making your wedding day extra classy:

Ride in Style

For many couples, transportation plays a huge role in carrying out the wedding vision. Classy transportation options include stretch limos, horse-drawn carriages, or a luxury car. Choosing one of these trendy options can create a more elegant ambiance that won’t go unnoticed.

Employ a Band

The music at a wedding ceremony sets the tone and mood for the event. A disc jockey, recorded playlist or cover band is a great option for many couples, but a more classy alternative is a brass band. A brass band is a musical ensemble comprised mostly of brass and percussion instruments. The combo makes for a unique and romantic evening.

Shorten Cocktail Hour

Alcohol can sometimes ruin a moment. People lose their inhibitions if they’re over-served or if they consume too much alcohol before eating. In an effort to keep things classy it’s in the best interest of the wedding party to keep the cocktail hour short and sweet followed by a formal meal. It’s also a good idea to think wisely about the types of alcohol that will be served. Sticking to beer and wine keeps things a little more manageable compared to serving more hard liquors.

Consider Wedding Attire

Wedding apparel definitely makes a statement for any couple. For a more classy and elegant look, brides should opt for a modest, floor-length gown. The groom should engage a tux, or other fine suit and the bridal parties should opt for more formal attire. Of course, each couple can put their personal spin on their wedding day wear, but it’s a good idea to pick a more timeless ensemble.

Honor Family

Family is everything, and it’s completely appropriate to honor immediate family in the wedding ceremony. Consider a special entrance for parents, grandparents, and siblings. You might also consider allowing each of your family members to be included in the wedding pictures or asked to give a speech at the reception. Regardless, it’s important to honor family members present and past.


These are just a few of the many ways to add a little more class to your special day. No matter how you choose to celebrate, your wedding day will be one for the memory books! What have you seen done to make a wedding a classy affair?

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