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How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Wedding

It is no secret that weddings generate a huge amount of waste. There is a lot of pressure to have the perfect picturesque day, and that comes with the impulse to buy and waste a lot of products. Wedding waste … Read More

Legal Things to Think About When Getting Married

Getting married is a special moment in your life and it’s likely you already have a lot on your mind. However, one thing that should be a priority is taking care of all the legal matters related to your marriage. … Read More

Little Things that Make a Big Difference When Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding is meant to be one of the most special days of your life. Planning such an important day is the source of a lot of stress for the bride and groom and their families! Having so many details … Read More

How to Create a Wedding Style That Fits With the Venue

One of the most important decisions that you make about your wedding is the venue. The venue choice sets the tone for the entire day. Your venue should reflect the personality and theme of your wedding. Here are three ways … Read More

How to Plan an Entertaining Company Party Your Employees Will Love

Before everyone starts taking time off to spend the holidays with their friends and family, getting employees together for a company party can be a great idea. Even though people spend their workdays together each week, it can be fun … Read More

How Do I Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue?

Now that you’re engaged and you’re starting to plan your wedding, you’ll want to get started right away with finding your perfect wedding venue. It’s likely that most of the venues in your area book very quickly. Some can be … Read More

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11 Tips for Organizing Your Company’s Upcoming Award Ceremony

And the award for Most Amazing Company Awards Ceremony Organizer goes to….will it be you? Are you holding your breath waiting to hear (see) your name? It’s all so exciting, but maybe you’re holding your breath for a different reason … Read More

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12 Themes for Your Company Christmas Party

You have a coveted seat on your office holiday party planning committee. It’s up to you to make it a standout and memorable event. One-by-one your coworkers come to you and ask, “So what’s the theme of this year’s Christmas … Read More

How to Ensure Your Event and Attendees Are Safe

Hosting an event can be one of the most daunting challenges a person faces. Ask anyone who’s done it before, and they’ll tell you that preparation is key to maintaining a fluent order of operations throughout the scheduled time frame. … Read More

Advanced Corporate Event Planning Guide (2019 Edition)

Whether it is the holiday season or time to celebrate your company’s anniversary, event planning can be a very tricky project to take on. It is a task that requires creativity, leadership and planning months in advanced. And depending on … Read More