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The 1 Thing for Your Event Success: Data Analysis

Your event last year was a smashing success. Is it possible to duplicate? No, forget duplication, you want to make it even better. How do you outdo yourself when planning the next event? Whether you’ve done a great job and … Read More

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story at Your Next Event

Once upon a time there was a brass band. It played a variety of musical genres really well. Lots of people danced at the events where they played. The End. If you are still awake after reading that, you know … Read More

7 Reasons to Get Married at a Winery

Um, we thought it was pretty obvious– the reason to get married at a winery is…wine? Lots of it. Maybe even an unlimited amount. And if through some crazy and tragic circumstance they run out, you can run wildly and … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding in Santa Barbara

If you are planning a destination wedding, Santa Barbara can be a great location. An affluent area, there are countless shops and restaurants to keep you and your guests entertained as well as scenic beaches and lush wine country territories. … Read More

All You Need to Know About Planning a Los Angeles Wedding

If you are looking to have a big city wedding, Los Angeles is the perfect choice. It is filled with old Hollywood glamour, historical landmarks, exciting and unique venues and you can go from sunbaked beaches to snowy mountaintops all … Read More

How to Be Sure You Are Choosing the Right Planner for Your Wedding

Let’s see, you can run yourself ragged, obsessively fuss over every detail you may be missing, and pull your hair out (the stress has caused some of them to die and turn a mournful gray color anyway) with the stress … Read More

How to Create Attendee Personas for Your Next Event

Your presentation? Unforgettable. The execution of the last seminar or conference you hosted? So flawless you’re pretty sure it made angels weep. Your return on investment? Eh, decent—you can live with it. It’s fine if you love mediocre ROIs, but … Read More

How to Plan an Entertaining Company Party Your Employees Will Love

Before everyone starts taking time off to spend the holidays with their friends and family, getting employees together for a company party can be a great idea. Even though people spend their workdays together each week, it can be fun … Read More

The Different Types of Wedding Planners and How They Can Help You

If you are planning a wedding, having a wedding planner can be helpful. They may be an added expense, but this can be countered by deals they can get you on venues, caterers, musical entertainment and other services. They can … Read More

Why Are Wedding Planners So Expensive and Is It Worth It?

If you are planning a wedding, you may be considering hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners are an added expense but they can be worth it in the long run. They can make things run more smoothly and efficiently and … Read More