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35 Epic Office Party Ideas That’ll Have Everyone Buzzing for Weeks

Office parties are a great way of building a positive community in the work place and adding fun elements to our daily grind. However, organizing them can be a bit stressful especially when it feels as if every possible theme … Read More

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Advanced Corporate Event Planning Guide (2019 Edition)

                       Whether it is the holiday season or time to celebrate your company’s anniversary, event planning can be a very tricky project to take on. It is a task that … Read More

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Tradeshow Entertainment

Hold up, did you just say entertainment isn’t important to your trade booth? *music screeches to a halt* Are you trying to wallflower your own booth and end up not getting noticed?  Trade shows are an incredible tool for your … Read More

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How Much Space Will You Need for Your Wedding?

When you’re planning a wedding, you shouldn’t overlook the amount of space that you’ll have in the reception room. You want people to be able to mingle, have a good time and boogie down without getting hurt or knocking over … Read More

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Golf Tournament Entertainment

You’re practically a hero, organizing a golf tournament in order to get everyone outside to enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air they don’t get being cooped up at work all day. Or maybe you’ve organized to help out a … Read More

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Successful Company Picnic

Incredible summer weather is finally here (for some it took longer than others) and it sucks to have to watch it go by through the windows in your office or work vehicle (or even worse, through a maze of cubicles … Read More

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Product launch party - Brass Animals Brass Band

Perfect Product Launch Party

After all the hours of sweating over design details, tweaking, and perfecting, your product–your baby– is ready to launch. The hard part is over! Wait, but is it? Well, maybe the biggest part of your project is over, but making … Read More

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Brass Animals Planning A Convention

Planning A Convention

A convention is no small deal, you might even think of it as a corporate event on Miracle-Gro. But you already know that. You wouldn’t go into convention planning without having an idea of what it takes. You don’t want … Read More

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14 Cocktail Party Secrets

1. Create a budget: Yea, we know that sounds like a snore. You don’t want to have restraints when it comes to perfect party-throwing! But having an idea of how much and where you want to dedicate your funds can … Read More

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NOLA Party

A little search engine told us you are thinking of throwing a New Orleans inspired party. Bien joue! You’ve made a fantastic decision! New Orleans-themed parties are chock full of rich culture, amazing food, rockin’ music, vibrant costumes, and an … Read More

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