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Book a Live Band for Your Houston Wedding

Houston wedding live band

Your wedding is one of the most special events of your life. When you have something truly important to you, you want it to be perfect. And since music is a critical part of a wedding celebration, it’s only natural that you want the best for your event.

When choosing the best wedding music for your special day in Houston, Texas, a live band should be your top pick! Here’s why you should book a live wedding band for your Houston wedding and how to find the perfect live band for your big day.

Should you have live music at your wedding?

Live music is a great way to create an exciting and energetic atmosphere for your wedding day.

A jazz band can bring the energy of live music to your reception like no DJ or traditional cover band ever could. Jazz bands are full of unique personality and talent, allowing them to create a one-of-a-kind live performance and a fantastic playlist that your guests can enjoy.

Here are three reasons live entertainment is the best choice for a Houston wedding:

  • Live music gives your wedding a personal touch without toning down its formality and significance.
  • Live music is an excellent way to get your guests on the dance floor, so people will say your wedding was the year’s best party.
  • A live party band can easily adjust to the mood and atmosphere of the moment. They can provide a live performance that will fit your exact needs, whether it’s heart-wrenching pieces for the ceremony or high-energy music for the after-party.

Live music is the way to go if you want your wedding ceremony to be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

How much does a wedding band cost in Houston?

The cost of hiring a Houston wedding band will vary based on many things.

For one, prices can change depending on how long you want the music or dance band to perform. A one hour performance will undoubtedly cost less than a half-day event.

Additionally, the location of the venue may affect quotations. If the band needs to travel, there may be added costs for transportation and accommodations.

Lastly, special requests can also raise the cost of live wedding music. For example, if you need a larger wedding band with more instruments and vocalists, you can expect a more expensive quote.

If you’re looking for live wedding music in Houston without breaking the bank, the Brass Animals is a great choice. Our professional musicians play the best jazz music in Houston at a reasonable price.

Can a live band play at a wedding?

Live bands play in all kinds of special events, including weddings. The expertise of a live band is always welcome at any phase of the wedding day, including the aisle march, the ceremony, and the reception that follows.

If you want a live band for your Houston wedding, tell your wedding planners as soon as possible.

How long do live bands play at weddings?

This depends on the terms of your agreement with the artists and the duration of their performances.

For example, the Brass Animals can perform for anywhere between 15 and 135 minutes, divided into a structure agreed upon by the client and the band members.

What kind of music do wedding bands play?

Wedding bands offer a vast repertoire of songs. From classic hits to current pop songs, live music bands strive to entertain their audience with the best tunes.

Whether you need high-energy song selections for the dancefloor or a more formal classical set for the ceremony, live wedding bands can provide all kinds of music genres for your special day.

Brass Animals has an extensive song list for live weddings that can fill your venue with energy and emotion.

Our live music covers a variety of styles, from Motown-style blues to New Orleans jazz to classic rock. Our live band can even learn a particular song at your request, perfect for your first dance as a married couple.

What to consider before booking a live wedding band

Booking the best wedding band isn’t as simple as it seems. If you want live music to be the centerpiece as you tie the knot, consider a few things before signing a contract.

Here’s how you can choose the right live wedding band in Houston:

  • Research the live wedding band you have in mind
  • Ask for samples of their live performances, read online reviews, and find out if they have a live wedding band portfolio
  • Check out the range of music that they can perform
  • Discuss their rates to make sure they’re within your budget

Let Brass Animals Take Care of Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life – nothing short of perfection will do. We understand how important live music can be for creating the perfect atmosphere, and the Brass Animals is here to help.

If you want the best live wedding musicians in the Austin, Dallas or Houston areas, the Brass Animals is all you need. Whether you’re looking for ceremony music or cocktail hour hits, our talented musicians can undoubtedly give your special day the atmosphere it deserves.

The Brass Animals specializes in high-energy music entertainment. Besides weddings, we have experience with corporate events, private parties, and local festivals. We can even help with recommendations for the best vendors in your area offering event services.

Request a quote, and let’s make your live wedding music dreams come true!

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