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Book a Live Wedding Band in Miami

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There’s nothing more special than your wedding day, so why not make it even more memorable by booking live entertainment? A live wedding band in Miami can add to the excitement and atmosphere of your reception and make your special day truly stand out.

But before you book a live music band in Miami, let’s discuss everything you need to know first.

Should you have live music at your wedding?

Live music on your wedding day will go to contribute significantly to the atmosphere you want to create. Special events like weddings should be happy, magical, and memorable—not impersonal and cold.

If you want the memories of your wedding ceremony to have that unique warmth for the decades to come, have your wedding planners book live music.

Here are three reasons a live party band is way better than a DJ:

  • Personalization.
    Hiring a party band for wedding entertainment allows you to customize the music and the mood. Additionally, live bands will know how to read a crowd and get them out on the dance floor.
  • Interaction.
    Live event bands engage with guests on various levels, contributing to the warmth of the occasion with their presence.
  • Emotion.
    Music touches the heart, and there’s nothing more touching than heartfelt notes played by musicians that know just how important this day is to you.

Live music is a must if you want your wedding day to be unique and truly unforgettable. When investigating your options for Miami wedding bands, don’t settle for just any cover band–consider a brass band. Jazz bands are high-energy and suitable for all kinds of special events, including weddings, corporate events, live shows, and more.

How much does a wedding band cost in Miami?

Planning a wedding in Miami, Florida, can be expensive, so you need to have everything budgeted. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to reach out to live wedding bands to get an accurate quote. Prices vary depending on the length of the performance, travel expenses, and any other special requests.

When it comes to live music entertainment, the Brass Animals provides professional services with years of experience at a very reasonable price. With Brass Animals, you can have an unforgettable experience on your special day without breaking the bank.

Plus, we’re not just limited to Miami—whether you’re having your wedding in South Florida or other areas like Tampa or Orlando, Brass Animals can take care of your wedding music for you. We can even recommend the best vendors for event services in your area.

Can a live band play at a wedding?

Live bands and vocalists can and definitely should play at weddings. The atmosphere that live entertainment can create cannot be replicated, regardless of the type of event. Just imagine live music playing as you exchange vows and live performances during the reception.

What’s more, live bands can set the tone of your wedding throughout the day, from a celebratory atmosphere to a romantic one.

How long do live bands play at weddings?

The length depends on what you have agreed upon in your contract. A jazz band with experienced musicians can play special music for the ceremony and chill background music during the reception, then transform into a high-energy dance band in the evening.

The Brass Animals offers various packages that range from 15 to 135 minutes of playing. You work directly with the band to decide what will work best for your special day.

What kind of music do wedding bands play?

The beauty of wedding bands is that they can adapt to almost any music genre, including classic rock, hip hop, and Motown.

If you have specific song requests for your wedding, work with the musicians to include them on your setlist. Alternatively, they can arrange a setlist based on the songs they know are crowd-pleasers and get your approval.

Top performers like the Brass Animals play a variety of music genres and songs, from elegant classical pieces for the ceremony to high-energy jazz music numbers to get people out on the dance floor.

What to consider before booking a live wedding band?

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, so you must ensure that everything is perfect and goes according to plan. Thus, you need to know that the band you’re hiring is the best. That said, here are some things to consider when looking for your live wedding band.

  • Reviews. Look for positive customer and audience reviews.
  • Prices. Inquire from various bands and come up with a reasonable price average for setting your budget.
  • Customer service. You want a band that understands you and the tone you want to set, so assess the ease and competency of their customer service.

Let Brass Animals Take Care of Your Wedding Reception

Your Miami wedding is a special day you will want to remember forever. If you want your wedding to have a sophisticated, warm, and elegant atmosphere, get the best wedding band in town: the Brass Animals. We specialize in live music entertainment for any type of festival or private event.

The Brass Animals can even recommend the best vendors for event services and rentals in your community. We will help in any way we can to make your special event run smoothly.

Contact Brass Animals today to request a quote and book the best live wedding band in

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