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Book a Marching Band for Your Houston Event

Marching Band for Houston

There’s nothing more memorable than watching a marching band as it belts lively music down the street. The performance, music, and atmosphere that a marching band creates are unmatched.

If you’re planning an event in Houston, Texas, hire a marching band to kick off your event and make it pop. Here’s how you can get the best marching band for whatever initiative you’re organizing.

How much does it cost to hire a marching band?

The cost of hiring a marching band depends on several factors.

The first factor to consider is the performance length. Marching bands typically play for 15 to 135 minutes, with breaks in between. Shorter performances will cost less than longer performances.

The size of the event is another factor. For example, some events may need a complete ensemble of band members, while others may only need 10-20.

The location of the venue can affect the price. Top marching bands in the greater Houston area will certainly charge more. Plus, if the venue is far from the band’s base of operations, you’ll have to add travel costs to the final quote for band members.

Special requests, like song choices, can also affect the cost.

What kinds of events can marching bands perform at?

Marching band performances can be customized to any special event needs you have. Here are some specific examples:

Since the National Battle of the Bands (NBOTB) will be held at NRG Stadium this year, the Houston area knows what revelry feels like. If you want to capture that same spirit for your event, hiring a top-tier Houston marching band is a no-brainer.

How many people are in a typical marching band?

Marching bands vary in number, ranging from tens to hundreds of musicians in one troupe. Some bands have even been known to have 500 members.

A typical high school band can have around 20 to 60 members. Concert bands or symphonic bands have a hundred or more.

When hiring a marching band for your event, ensure you include the specifics, so the band will know how many members you’ll need.

What kind of venue is required for a marching band?

There’s no required venue for marching bands. Marching bands can perform wherever there is space, whether it’s an indoor hall or a large outdoor field.

The location also depends on the marching band’s availability. Reach out to a prospective marching band to devise a suitable arrangement for your needs.

Bring Your Next Event to Life With a Brass Animals Marching Band

Booking a marching band is one of the best ways to create a memorable birthday, parade, or corporate party. The brassy notes, commanding percussion, and impeccable rhythmic performance will dazzle the guests at your celebration.

However, that also depends on the talent and skill of your musicians—so you need to be selective. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with the Brass Animals, one of the best marching brass bands in Houston, Texas.

The Brass Animals also plays a complete repertoire of jazz music suitable for your wedding or gala. We can even recommend the best vendors for event services in your community.

Ready to get started? Request a quote today to discuss all the possibilities!

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