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Houston Event? Jazz It Up with a Live Band

Houston Jazz Band

Houston is a city with a lot of character. From the oil industry and its towering skyscrapers to the world-renowned medical center and all the vibrant neighborhoods, there’s always something new to explore in Texas.

Houston knows how to put on a show when it comes to events. Whether you’re looking for a star-studded red-carpet affair or an intimate gathering with friends and family, there’s something for everyone in this city.

Hiring a jazz band will keep your guests entertained, and Brass Animals are the Houston jazz band that cannot miss your party! These talented musicians will have your guests tapping their toes

all night long with their amazing vocals. If you’re planning an event, start, and end with some jazz!

How do you find a jazz band in Houston?

Jazz bands can provide the perfect soundtrack for weddings, corporate events, or other special occasions. If you’re looking for a jazz band in Texas, there are a few ways to find one. The easiest method is to search online.

A quick Google search will reveal various options, ranging from solo musicians to large ensembles. Another option is to ask around. If you know anyone who’s hired a jazz band in the past, they may be able to recommend a talented group. Finally, you can check with local music venues for their recommendations.

Many jazz bands play at bars and restaurants regularly, so this is a great way to see them in action and get a sense of their style. Whichever method you choose, taking the time to find an energetic jazz band will ensure that your event is truly unforgettable.

How do you book a jazz band in Houston?

If you want to incorporate jazz into your next event, get in touch by requesting a quote today. We’ll help you assemble the perfect jazz band, complete with bassists and saxophonists. Your needs might differ if you’re planning a corporate event, wedding, or parade route, but we’ll always scale the band to complement your venue.

What kind of events are jazz bands appropriate for?

A jazz band can add a touch of elegance or an energy boost to any event. No matter what type of special event you are planning, jazz music can provide the perfect soundtrack.

From small ensembles to large orchestras, jazz bands come in all shapes and sizes. There’s sure to be a jazz band in Houston that’s perfect for your event. Live music always makes an event more special.

How many musicians are usually in a jazz band?

When it comes to jazz standards, there is no rule regarding the number of musicians. It just depends on the event and the preferences of the event planner. Some may prefer jazz musicians in the style of New Orleans with their Saxophone or perhaps something more similar to Frank Sinatra and a solo.

A jazz trio might be better suited for a small event, while a large event might want a big band complete with a horn section and a vocalist. Most brass bands in Houston, TX, fall somewhere in the middle, often comprising five to seven members.

This size allows for a good amount of musical variety while still being able to fit on a small stage. Plus, it keeps the overall cost down, which is always a bonus. So if you’re looking to hire a live band for your next event, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer regarding the number of musicians. It’s all about what will work best for your particular event.

What kind of venue do you need to host a jazz band?

From small, private event spaces to public festivals, the Brass Animals can flex to suit any venue. We can hold our own on a stage at the Miller Outdoor Theater, a private corporate party, or any wedding venue. We work with some of the best bandleaders in the Houston area, so we can recommend venues and choose the best vendors for other event services.

Book Your Next Jazz Band With Brass Animals

There’s just something about live music that brings an event to life. The high energy, the passion, the soulfulness… it’s unlike any other style of music. And that’s why the Brass Animals are proud to offer our jazz band services for all types of events in Houston, TX.

Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, or other special occasions, we provide the perfect background music and the best set list for your dance floor to make your event one to remember.

We’ve been delighting audiences since 2013 and know how to get a crowd moving. Our jazz ensemble comprises some of the most talented musicians in Houston, and we’re committed to putting on a great show every time. If you’re looking for the best jazz band in Texas that will bring your event to life, look no further than Brass Animal and request a quote today.

Find the Best Live Wedding Band in Los Angeles

One of the most critical aspects of your wedding reception is the music. It sets the tone for the entire event and can make even the most ordinary moments feel special. If you’re looking for wedding bands in Los Angeles, CA, look no further than the Brass Animals.

We’re a versatile, experienced band that knows how to get a crowd moving. From a playlist with classic wedding standards to today’s top hits, we provide high-energy, live entertainment for the ultimate wedding party.

Instead of hiring an average cover band, wedding planners recommend more unique music bands to make your Southern California wedding events unforgettable.

Should you have live music at your wedding?

While some couples choose to have a wedding DJ, others opt for live music. Both choices have pros and cons, and ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

If you are considering live music at your special event, you want to choose a world-class band. The best wedding bands can play chill background music during cocktail hour and transform into a dance band in the evening.

Keep in mind that live music can be more expensive than DJ services. However, many couples feel the added expense is worth it for the unique atmosphere that a party band provides.

How much does a wedding band cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of wedding bands in Los Angeles can vary widely, depending on several factors, such as:

  • The type of band you choose
  • The size of the band
  • The location of your wedding

But no matter what your budget is, you should be able to find a wedding band that allows you to have the wedding of your dreams. The Brass Animals is a premiere Los Angeles wedding band that provides high-energy entertainment within almost any budget.

Can a live band play at a wedding?

Yes, having a live band at your wedding can significantly liven up the celebration. In California, many experienced wedding bands specialize in creating a festive atmosphere and getting everyone on the dance floor.

Wedding music is an integral part of any wedding reception, so choosing a band that can provide the right mix of songs for all ages and musical tastes is essential. From classic rock standards to modern hits, live bands can help make your special day more memorable. So if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere at your California wedding, consider hiring a live band!

How long do live bands play at weddings?

Most wedding bands in LA will play three one-hour sets, with a brief break between each set. This allows your guests to mingle and catch their breath before dancing up a storm again. Of course, you can always adjust the timing to suit your schedule.

Ultimately, you can negotiate with the wedding band on how long they will play. But with so many options available, there’s no need to worry about wedding bands in LA—you’re sure to find the perfect band for your big day.

What kind of music do wedding bands play?

LA wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes–from small ensembles to big bands. You can work with the band to design a song list that suits you. No matter what your taste in music, there is sure to be a wedding band in the Los Angeles area that can accommodate your needs.

What should I consider before booking a live wedding band?

When planning your wedding in California, there are many important decisions to make. Besides wedding entertainment, you need to decide on the venue, caterer, and photographer. The Brass Animals can recommend the best vendors for event services in the Los Angeles area.

Let Brass Animals Take Care of your Wedding Reception

The Brass Animals is a jazz band covering Southern California, from Santa Barbara to Orange County to San Diego. We’ve been providing quality music entertainment for corporate events, weddings, and private parties since 2013. We will bring your event to life and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

If you’re interested in booking us for your next event, request a quote and tell us precisely what you need. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote today.

Find the Perfect Brass Band in Miami

Brass bands are perfect for all sorts of events, from weddings to corporate functions and community events. A Miami brass band will add an element of fun and festivity and can also play a wide variety of music to suit any occasion.

Here are some things to remember if you’re considering hiring a brass band for future events in Miami.

How do you find a brass band in Miami?

A quick Google search can help you populate a list of potential jazz bands. It’s also helpful to ask event planners, friends, family, and venue operators for recommendations. Many Palm Beach or south Florida-based brass bands offer services throughout Miami, so check out bands who can perform in your desired location.

After narrowing down your list of potential musicians and live bands, see if they have videos from recent gigs on their website. Email or call the contact info provided on their website to learn more about their show. Provide all the details about your event, your desired music genre and style, and the expected length of the performance.

What kind of events are brass bands appropriate for?

Brass bands are appropriate for special occasions, including weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals, and community events. A brass band can deliver anywhere you want to add excitement and energy!

What kind of music does a brass band play?

A brass band plays all kinds of music, from traditional marching band tunes to contemporary pop hits. If you have specific songs in mind that you would like them to play at your special event, let them know so they can be prepared.

How many musicians are usually in a brass band?

A brass band typically comprises at least 10-15 musicians, though larger bands may include up to 25 members. Musicians in a brass band play enthusiastically, creating a vibrant atmosphere sure to please any audience.

When you are making your booking, talk through your requirements, and the band will help you come up with the best ensemble size for your venue and type of event.

What kind of venue do you need to host a brass band?

A brass band can perform indoors or outdoors, although they will probably need access to an electrical outlet if they play indoors. When choosing a venue for your event, keep the band size in mind so there is enough space for them to set up their instruments and move around comfortably.

Book Your Next Brass Band with the Brass Animals

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to add excitement to your next event in Miami, then hiring a brass band is the perfect solution!

We’re the Brass Animals, a New Orleans-style brass band covering the South Florida area since 2013. We are available to march and perform at any event and will work with you to create a custom performance that will make everyone jump on the dance floor.

We provide quality music entertainment with help from the best vendors for event services. We’ve performed at countless events, including but not limited to: weddings and receptions, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversary parties, block parties–you name it, we’ve played it!

Request a quote to see how we can bring your event to life and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Hire a Marching Band to Light Up Your Los Angeles Event

Marching Band

Are you looking to add extra excitement and energy to your next event? Hire a marching band in Los Angeles, CA! Brass Animals is a marching band that will light up your special event with our high-energy performance. We have a vast repertoire of music that appeals to all ages, and we guarantee that our marching band will get your guests on their feet.

Whether you are planning a private party or a high-profile event, a brass band adds excitement and fun! We are a high-energy band that loves to interact with our audience in the best Hollywood spirit.

The Brass Animals covers the Los Angeles area, and we are a marching band perfect for corporate functions, holiday parties, special events, parades, grand openings, and more.

How much does it cost to hire a marching band?

Hiring a marching band is an excellent way to make an event exciting and memorable. But how much does it cost to hire a marching band? The answer depends on the band size and the performance length. Marching bands usually charge by the hour, ranging from $100 to $300 per hour. However, some bands may offer discounts for longer bookings.

A marching band is an ideal way to fire up your special event. Not only will we get your guests on their feet and clapping to the beat, but we’re also the most cost-effective option. The Brass Animals marching band has been providing high-quality music entertainment for over ten years throughout Southern California.

We have a wide range of marching band services and options that can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. We can also help you find the best vendors for event services in your local area.

What kinds of events can marching bands perform at?

Marching bands are a common fixture at sporting events but can also provide entertainment at concerts, parades, and festivals. Add some flair to your corporate functions, weddings, or bar mitzvah with a brass band playing New Orleans jazz.

Marching bands are versatile and spice up all types of music, from oldies to classic rock to today’s Grammy hits. A marching band will surely bring the party to life, no matter who your audience is.

What kind of venue is required for a marching band?

As you may know, marching bands are a group of musicians who perform their instruments while standing or moving on foot. Marching bands are generally categorized by instrumentation, such as brass, pipe, drumline, and bugle corps, or by function, such as show bands, high-school, and university bands.

University and high-school bands promote school spirit and tradition at sporting events and other campus functions. They perform at football games, parades, festivals, and exhibition competitions.

All marching bands require enough space to accommodate the movement of the musicians and their instruments. Talk to the booking agent or band director when choosing your venue to ensure a successful event.

Book a marching band for your special event in Los Angeles

Brass Animals is a marching band covering the Los Angeles and Southern California area. We’ve been providing quality music entertainment for corporate events, weddings, and special occasions since 2013.

Request a quote today. The Brass Animals will bring your event to life and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Land the Best Brass Band in Houston

Brass Band in Houston

If you want to spice up the event you are planning, brass bands are an excellent option to add some flair to any affair. And with experienced and top-tier musicians, the Brass Animals is set to become the Houston Brass Band everyone will look for.

With an innovative approach to music arrangements, the Brass Animals manages a fusion of that classic New Orleans sound with modern genres of music, turning the heads of casual listeners and music enthusiasts alike.

No matter the event, if you need a music act and are thinking of a marching band, we will bring the Bayou sound to elevate the energy at your event.

How do you find a brass band in Houston?

Contrary to what most event planners are used to, we make scheduling more straightforward than ever. Our musicians are flexible and reliable, ready to bring high-energy performances everywhere in Houston, making us one of the best vendors in the industry.

How do you book a brass band in Houston?

To book a brass band with us, just request a quote before your event. As qualified entertainers, we ask you questions about the reason for the celebration, the venue, the size of the brass band or marching band you are looking for, and the playlist. We’ll help you plan amazing entertainment within your budget.

What kinds of events are brass bands appropriate for?

Brass band music infuses energy into any type of event in Texas. We’re ready to provide entertainment for any occasion, whether at the Festival Hill Concert Hall in Round Top or the Zilkha Hall in downtown Houston. We have no qualms about the size.

A Brass Band can be ideal for all types of special events:

Just let us know what the event entails, and we will handle the playlist and other details.

What kind of music does a brass band play?

The Brass Animals is well-versed in many musical genres. Each musician in our lineup can adapt to all musical styles, from jazz to hip-hop. When planning your event, we will provide several playlists with all sorts of tunes so you choose the one you feel is most appropriate. We will handle the rest!

How many musicians are usually in a brass band?

Brass band troupes vary in size depending on the scope of the event. All our musicians are experts in their craft and are stage ready at any moment.

We are very flexible with sizing. We will discuss your preferences and scale the band to your specifications.

Book Your Next Brass Band With the Brass Animals

Our local Houston musicians are ready to assemble in a British-style brass band. Contact us to spice up your event with the classic New Orleans sound.

We work hard to make the process easier for our clients, so ‌request a quote with Brass Animals to plan for your next event.

Land the Best Marching Band in Atlanta

If you want your next event in Atlanta to be full of energy and enthusiasm, a live marching band could be just what you’re looking for. Don’t think of your high school marching band—instead, imagine professional performers bringing your favorite pop, jazz, and hip-hop songs to life with that distinct New Orleans style.

From the colorful costumes and grandiose routines to the spectacular music, a marching band can make your event stand out from all other parties in Georgia. Here’s what to look for when booking marching band entertainment in Atlanta.

How much does it cost to hire a marching band in Atlanta?

Costs vary based on the number of musicians in the band, the event’s location, the length of time you want them to perform, and the band’s experience and reputation. Request a quote from the Brass Animals to get a cost estimate of for hiring a brass band to play at your next event.

What kinds of events can a marching band perform at?

Marching bands can perform anywhere from a middle school athletics event to a football game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. You can book Brass Animals for any of the following special events:

Corporate events
Graduation ceremonies
Sporting events

No matter the occasion, a brass band will become the center of attention at any party.

How many people are in a typical marching band?

Marching bands often have more members than typical bands, but they can range in size from 20 to more than 100 members. Drum lines comprise at least four or five drummers. Other instrumentalists play brass instruments such as the saxophone, trombone, and trumpet.

Depending on the size of your event in Atlanta, you may want a smaller ensemble to leave space for your guests to join in. The best thing about brass bands is that they are easily adjustable to any type of party.

What kind of venue is required for brass bands?

While you don’t need to book a huge stadium like the Georgia Dome to host a marching band at your next event, you will need plenty of space. It depends on the size of the band and the expectations for their performance.

If you don’t have a conference center, large hotel or warehouse for your event, the large parks of Atlanta are perfect for outdoor community events and well-suited for marching bands.

Bring Your Next Event to Life With the Brass Animals

Choosing the best brass band for your event doesn’t have to be complicated. The Brass Animals marching band brings on the fun with spiced-up takes on popular, easily recognizable hits.

Our local musicians have decades of experience in and out of Atlanta and harbor a passion for high-energy performances. Our professional troupes also collaborate with the best vendors in Atlanta to make every event a success.

Request a quote today to find out how the Brass Animals can make your next event unforgettable for your guests.

Line Up an Amazing Jazz Band for Your Los Angeles Event

Los Angeles Jazz Band

As any event coordinator can affirm, one significant hurdle in the planning process is how to handle the entertainment. The recreation by default anywhere is, of course, music.

Whether as background music or the main event, music is a universal language that can be enjoyed in any venue, from corporate events to wedding receptions.

Having music in your event can mean hiring a DJ, a pianist, or a cover band. However, a jazz band is a great option, especially for more sophisticated occasions. And right now, we will tell you why hiring a jazz band could be the best bet for your next private party.

Jazz Bands in Los Angeles are Musically Versatile

One of the main reasons you should consider hiring a jazz band for your next big event is that they are incredibly versatile.

No matter the occasion, a jazz band can adjust their playing and repertoire to create the perfect ambiance for your guests.

For example, if you are planning a corporate event, a jazz ensemble can play swing band pieces to get everyone in the mood to network during cocktail hour. On the other hand, a saxophonist can play softer tunes to create a romantic atmosphere for a more intimate event, such as a wedding ceremony.

In addition, jazz musicians usually have a vast repertoire they can draw from, so you can be sure that your guests will be entertained with anything from bossa nova and Motown to smooth jazz and Sinatra.

Jazz Live Music Can Create a Unique Experience for Corporate Events

When hiring a jazz band, you are not only hiring musicians, but you are also hiring performers who know how to engage with an audience.

This is because any jazz ensemble in Los Angeles has experience playing in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Orange County, so they know how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their guests.

In addition, because jazz is such a dynamic and improvisational genre, you can be sure that your guests will be treated to a unique experience of LA jazz they will remember long after the event.

Hollywood Is Fond of Artistic and Cultural Events

Southern California, and particularly Hollywood, is a place that loves art and culture. Hiring a Los Angeles jazz band for your event is a great way to show your guests that you are committed to providing them with an artistic and cultural experience.

They will also experience the history and culture of New Orleans jazz, whether they are listening in Pasadena, Long Beach, or San Diego.

Jazz Musicians Are World-Class

Los Angeles is an epicenter of talent, and the Brass Animals has ensured that our jazz ensemble comprises some of the best jazz musicians in the city.

Each member of our lineup has years of experience playing jazz and is an expert at their craft.

Jazz Groups Can Be Sized for Any Type of Event

Whether you wish for a big band, a quintet, a jazz trio, a vocalist-guitarist jazz duo, or just a saxophone for background music, the genre adjusts well to most formats. So, depending on the size of your event, you can easily find a jazz band that will be a perfect fit.

Book a Los Angeles Jazz Band for Your Event Today

At Brass Animals, we’re committed to making event planners look good by providing outstanding music and entertainment.

We know that planning special events is stressful, so we aim to make hiring a world-class jazz band hassle-free. We can also recommend the best vendors for event services in your area.

If you’re interested in booking a Los Angeles jazz band for your next event, request a quote. We are happy to consult with you for your next event.

Make Your Next Atlanta Event Pop With a Brass Band

Atlanta is a beautiful city with so much to offer. From the world-renowned Georgia Aquarium to the stunning in-town neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone in Atlanta. If you are looking for something unique to make your next event in Atlanta truly special, why not consider hiring a brass band?

A live band adds a touch of class and excitement to any event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, a brass band can make it much more memorable. And what’s more, brass bands are becoming increasingly popular in Atlanta.

Add Fun and Excitement to Your Next Event

There are several reasons brass bands are a brilliant choice for events in Atlanta. Mainly, brass bands add an element of excitement and fun to any event. They are also a great way to get people dancing and mingling.

If you’re looking for a way to make your special event more interactive and fun, hiring a brass band is a great option. Just think of the novelty of having a marching band in the middle of your private event.

Top tier Musicians for a Fraction of the Price

When you hire a brass band in Atlanta, you’re getting top-tier musicians for a fraction of the price. Brass bands are typically made up of highly skilled musicians who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft, from soloists to second-line musicians.

Most tuba players, vocals, and trombones have a background in classical music, jazz bands, and all kinds of musical styles. As a result, they can provide a level of musicianship that is simply unmatched by most music groups.

Brass bands are also an excellent value for your money. Because they are typically made up of 10-15 band members, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. And, because brass bands are so versatile, you can use them for various events.

Unmatched High Energy Live Music

Brass bands are simply unmatched when it comes to providing high-energy live music. There’s nothing quite like the sound of New Orleans jazz to get people moving like it’s Mardi Gras. And, because brass bands are so versatile, they can play various music styles to suit any event.

From classical to contemporary, jazz to rock, a brass band can do it all. So, if you’re looking for a way to add some excitement and energy to your next event, look no further.

Make Your Event an Affair for the Ages

When you hire a brass band for your next event in Atlanta, you’re sure to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your event today and contact Brass Animals. We play all around the Atlanta area, from Decatur to Mableton. We can also recommend the best vendors for event services in your area.

Request a quote so we can bring your event to life with live music.

Book a Marching Band for Your Houston Event

Marching Band for Houston

There’s nothing more memorable than watching a marching band as it belts lively music down the street. The performance, music, and atmosphere that a marching band creates are unmatched.

If you’re planning an event in Houston, Texas, hire a marching band to kick off your event and make it pop. Here’s how you can get the best marching band for whatever initiative you’re organizing.

How much does it cost to hire a marching band?

The cost of hiring a marching band depends on several factors.

The first factor to consider is the performance length. Marching bands typically play for 15 to 135 minutes, with breaks in between. Shorter performances will cost less than longer performances.

The size of the event is another factor. For example, some events may need a complete ensemble of band members, while others may only need 10-20.

The location of the venue can affect the price. Top marching bands in the greater Houston area will certainly charge more. Plus, if the venue is far from the band’s base of operations, you’ll have to add travel costs to the final quote for band members.

Special requests, like song choices, can also affect the cost.

What kinds of events can marching bands perform at?

Marching band performances can be customized to any special event needs you have. Here are some specific examples:

Since the National Battle of the Bands (NBOTB) will be held at NRG Stadium this year, the Houston area knows what revelry feels like. If you want to capture that same spirit for your event, hiring a top-tier Houston marching band is a no-brainer.

How many people are in a typical marching band?

Marching bands vary in number, ranging from tens to hundreds of musicians in one troupe. Some bands have even been known to have 500 members.

A typical high school band can have around 20 to 60 members. Concert bands or symphonic bands have a hundred or more.

When hiring a marching band for your event, ensure you include the specifics, so the band will know how many members you’ll need.

What kind of venue is required for a marching band?

There’s no required venue for marching bands. Marching bands can perform wherever there is space, whether it’s an indoor hall or a large outdoor field.

The location also depends on the marching band’s availability. Reach out to a prospective marching band to devise a suitable arrangement for your needs.

Bring Your Next Event to Life With a Brass Animals Marching Band

Booking a marching band is one of the best ways to create a memorable birthday, parade, or corporate party. The brassy notes, commanding percussion, and impeccable rhythmic performance will dazzle the guests at your celebration.

However, that also depends on the talent and skill of your musicians—so you need to be selective. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with the Brass Animals, one of the best marching brass bands in Houston, Texas.

The Brass Animals also plays a complete repertoire of jazz music suitable for your wedding or gala. We can even recommend the best vendors for event services in your community.

Ready to get started? Request a quote today to discuss all the possibilities!

Book the Best Jazz Band in Atlanta

Atlanta Jazz Band

If you want a truly memorable experience for your next event, a jazz band is a great option.

The unique sound and style will add a touch of sophistication and class to any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a wedding reception, or a private party, hiring a live jazz band is a great way to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

How do you find a jazz band in Atlanta?

Live jazz music is one of the best ways to make your special event shine. Whether you’re planning a party for your family, company, or community, there’s nothing more upbeat and festive that you can do without resorting to the noise that modern DJs bring.

But how can you find the best jazz musicians for your event? Here are a few tips.

  • Read the ratings and testimonials left by followers who are familiar with the band
  • Consult with those who have already hired the band to determine if their experience is appropriate for you
  • Ask about popular jazz bands when speaking with venues
  • Watch online videos of their performances
  • Do a quick Google search and speak to one of their agents

If you’re looking for a high-energy ensemble for your next event, look no further than Brass Animals, one of the best jazz bands around.

Brass Animals features professional musicians bringing the magic of jazz music to life. If you want the best of smooth jazz, Latin jazz, and the vibes of Motown, then it pays to hire the best in the field. There’s nothing like the live music of Brass Animals to liven up any event.

How do you book a jazz band in Atlanta?

Booking a jazz band in Miami is much simpler now than it used to be. With the power of the Internet, it’s now incredibly simple for prospective fans to get in touch.

For example, bands such as Brass Animals have a contact form right on their website if you wish to get a quote.

What kind of events are jazz bands appropriate for?

The best jazz bands are flexible and can play a wide range of music. DJs and cover bands cannot match the positive vibes of brass instruments.

You can use jazz bands in the following events:

How many musicians are usually in a jazz band?

Jazz bands can be anything from small ensembles for private events to large orchestras.

A jazz trio and some vocals can make up a small band, suitable for small parties and venues. A big band can have anywhere from 12 to 25 players with many kinds of jazz instruments arranged in an orchestral fashion.

What kind of venue do you need to host a jazz band?

Jazz bands aren’t limited to a specific type of venue. One example is Brass Animals, whose professional musicians have no problems playing wherever the party is at.

We can accommodate weddings, outdoor festivals, sporting events, and even street parties. No matter where you are in Georgia, particularly around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Decatur, and Marietta – the Brass Animals will be there for your event.

Plus, we have several Brass Animal troupes throughout the US, so we’re confident that we can get to you anytime you wish. If there are no local troupes nearby, we are happy to travel.

How much does it cost to book a jazz band in Atlanta?

The price for booking a jazz band in Atlanta will depend on a couple of factors, such as the band’s base rate, the length of their performances, travel and accommodation expenses, and any special requests you might have.

To get an estimate of how much you’ll have to budget, you can request a quote by talking to the band’s representative.

Book the Brass Animals Jazz Band for Your Next Event

Nobody wants the same tired gimmicks for their special events. If you’re holding a party in Atlanta, you want something that will excite your guests while standing out from the rest of the parties down the street.

New Orleans jazz has a magical quality that’s unmatched by your average live band. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday celebration, or a black-tie party, jazz music delivers the right amount of class and energy.

But of course, you need expert musicians to pull that off. The Brass Animals will delight your audience and give them something to remember for weeks to come.

Experience the magic of Brass Animals and request a quote today!

Book the Best Jazz Band in Miami

jazz band in miami

If you want a sophisticated and lively event, a jazz band is one of the best kinds of live music.

Sure, DJs and loud modern music are all the rage—but that’s precisely the problem. These days, events like these are a dime a dozen.

If you want to set yourself apart from the masses, it’s time to try booking a versatile jazz band. A little smooth jazz is the ultimate background music for any occasion. Or you can energize your crowd, bossa nova style. No matter the ambience you are looking for, you will give your audience a magical night to remember.

Read this article to find the best jazz ensemble in Miami.

How do you find a jazz band in Miami?

Out of all the many music events that you can choose for your event, a brass band delivers a personalized experience for whatever you have in mind.

Anyone can hire a standard rock or cover band, but a brass band has a distinctive sound that’s difficult to come by nowadays. Let everybody else throw loud, obnoxious parties – your next event will have the sophistication and richness of old-time, Great Gatsby-era Manhattan jazz.

That said, a beautiful sound can only be produced by the most qualified musicians. So, how can you ensure that you’re hiring the best live jazz band for your event? Here are a few tips.

  • Read the ratings and reviews of customers and event planners who know the band.
  • Watch clips of the band’s live performances online.
  • Ask people who have hired the band before and evaluate whether their experience is right for you.
  • Contact popular venues and reception halls and ask if they have any line-up recommendations.
  • Conduct a simple Google search and get in touch with the band’s official channels to get a feel for their services.

When you’re looking for a band to play for your special event, you need one that passes the highest of jazz standards. Luckily, with Brass Animals, the search is over.

How do you book a jazz band in Miami?

A few years ago, you had to go through a call pipeline just to talk to a band’s representative. Nowadays, it’s much easier to book a jazz band in Miami.

The best bands make it easy for potential customers to talk to them. The Brass Animals, for example, have a contact form directly on their website if you want to ask for a quote.

What kind of events are jazz bands appropriate for?

There’s something about brass bands that makes them appropriate for all kinds of events.

Although DJs and cover bands are highly suitable for festivals and parties, they don’t have the same flexibility that a brass band has to go from swing band to Latin jazz to Motown vibes.

Not so for jazz bands. The timelessness of a jazz ensemble makes them a fantastic pick for general occasions.

Whether you’re hosting a black tie convention or tearing up a dance floor, jazz bands are undoubtedly a brilliant choice for live music at your next event.

How many musicians are usually in a jazz band?

Jazz bands can range from private party groups to orchestra-sized performances. A small jazz band can comprise a jazz trio plus a vocalist. However, a big band or a jazz ensemble can include 12 to 25 musicians.

What kind of venue do you need to host a jazz band?

A jazz band can play at whatever venue you have in mind. From outdoor festivities to private indoor parties, true performers such as the Brass Animals have years of experience knowing how to perform in any environment, high-energy or low-key.

The Brass Animals has troupes all around the US – not just in south Florida. We play in California, Illinois, New York, and more. As long as the venue is discussed beforehand‌, the Brass Animals will find a way to reach you.

How much does it cost to book a jazz band in Miami?

Various factors affect the cost of hiring a jazz band in Miami, such as the length of performance, travel costs, special requests, and more. To figure out how the Brass Animals fits your budget, simply talk to us to discuss your requirements.

Book Your Next Jazz Band With Brass Animals

If you’re looking to set the mood for your next event, jazz music is a great option. It’s easy to listen to and can easily create an ambiance that’s perfect for any occasion. From holiday celebrations to life’s milestones, a jazz band can undoubtedly bring your event to life.

The Brass Animals can also recommend the best vendors in your community for event services. Make your event shine with the magic of jazz—request a quote and hire the best jazz musicians in Miami today!

Book the Best Marching Band in Miami

You need more than old gimmicks for your event to be truly one of a kind. If you want to drive the crowd into a frenzy and make your event a spectacular success, marching bands are the way to go.

If you’re looking for the most electrifying marching band experience, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about the best marching band you can hire for your event in Miami.

How much does it cost to hire a marching band?

Marching bands will have variable prices depending on several factors. Here are some things that can determine the cost of hiring a marching band:

  • Size and scope of the marching band. The bigger the marching band, the higher the cost.
  • Type of marching band. Brass marching bands are known for their superior sound quality and will usually cost more.
  • Length of the performance. Most marching bands charge based on the length of their performance. Typically, performances last between 15 to 135 minutes or three 45-minute sets.
  • Venue location. If it’s too far from the marching band’s base of operations, they will probably include travel expenses on the quote, things such as airline tickets, lodging expenses, car rentals, and more.
  • Special requests. If you have any special requests, such as marching band uniforms, props, or custom music, the band may charge extra for those services.

What kinds of events can marching bands perform at?

You may think marching bands are only suitable for high school events or military parades, but they’re actually incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of events.

Traditional high school marching bands and college bands, such as the Miami University Marching Band (MUMB), the University of Miami, or Ohio University marching bands, play exciting pregame music and boost the crowd’s mood with the team’s fight song.

Modern marching bands, such as Brass Animals, are expertly trained and perform a wide range of music that can tailor-fit any special event. We can transform our style into anything you choose. From drumlines to woodwinds to marching bands with marching cymbals and brass sections, we can provide you with precisely what you need.

The Brass Animals has experience playing at various kinds of public or private special events, including:

Whether you need to energize the crowd during a high school football team game or entertain the audience during the halftime show for the Miami Hurricanes, you can count on the Brass Animals to bring excitement and fun.

How many people are in a typical marching band?

Brass bands come in many varieties, but the British heritage is one of the most common. This type of brass band typically includes 25 to 26 performers that play various brass and percussion instruments. Still, marching bands can come in different sizes depending on the budget and event.

What kind of venue is required for a marching band?

Marching bands aren’t limited to any specific venue, but if you want to fully utilize their capabilities, you need to provide sufficient space. Depending on the marching band’s size, you’ll have an open field or a large lot.

That said, most marching bands will make do with any outdoor space you may have, such as a park or a grassy area. Brass Animals, in particular, is used to playing in all sorts of venues, including weddings receptions, street parades, and more.

Bring your next event to life with a Brass Animals marching band

At Brass Animals, we take pride in our marching band performances and always strive to deliver an electrifying performance that will impress your audience. We’ve played in countless places all over the US, including New York, Georgia, and South Florida.

Our marching bands feature top-of-the-line brass instruments and talented musicians with years of experience who guarantee a top-notch marching band show. Check out our website to see full videos of our performances. You’ll also find recommendations for the best vendors for event services in your area.

We won’t just make your Miami event fun – we’ll ensure it’s truly unforgettable. Request a quote today, and let us make your marching band dreams come true!​​​​​​​