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Help attendees feel good about giving

Our light-hearted jazz brass band will keep the mood cheerful and put everyone in a giving spirit

Giving is a fantastic cycle–give people good food, great music, and a fun time and they can show their appreciation by helping others. Your cause is important, but will you make it something people can remember? Every event seems to have the same music and entertainment. Can your event really stand out?

Make your event and your cause stick in people’s minds for years to come. It’s not everyday people get to be entertained by a lively New Orleans brass band that plays jazzy versions of popular hits. We can provide background music before or during dinner and/or get the fun going with after-dinner dancing. We’ll help get everyone feeling good to donate or donate more to a worthy cause.

We’ve performed for some of the best charities around..

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2022

“Brass Animals was great to work with and helped me to plan the flow of our Mardi Gras fundraising party. The band was on time for the event and they looked great. Everyone loved the music and the Second Line Parade! They got the guests on their feet and dancing, and I had many people ask about the band and where to find them for future events.”

Heather B., Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

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