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Get the crowds jazzed during your city or local parade

Hire Brass Animals for Your Parade: Unleash the Joy of Live Music!

Are you planning an unforgettable parade and need the perfect entertainment to energize the crowd? Look no further! The Brass Animals marching band is here to bring vibrant, lively music to your event, creating an electric atmosphere that celebrates joy, unity, and excitement. Our talented brass band is ready to make your parade a spectacular, musical extravaganza!

Why Choose Brass Animals for Your Parade?

1. Energetic Performances: Our marching band knows how to keep the energy high and the crowd engaged. With dynamic brass instruments and a lively repertoire, we deliver performances that get everyone dancing, cheering, and celebrating.

2. Professional Musicians: The Brass Animals are composed of skilled musicians with years of experience in parades and public events. Our professionalism ensures a seamless performance, allowing you to focus on the success of your parade.

3. Diverse Music Selection: We play a variety of genres to appeal to all tastes, from classic hits to modern anthems, all with our unique brass band twist. Our setlist is tailored to reflect the spirit of your event, ensuring everyone enjoys the music. Check out all of our songs here.

4. Customizable Performances: We understand that every client has their own vision for how they’d like to participate in a parade. That’s why we offer customizable performance options to fit your specific needs. We can perform on a float or marching with you and your guests. And while we typically play as a 6-piece band (trumpet, trombone, sax, sousaphone, snare drummer, bass drummer), we’ve had as many as 20 musicians perform in a parade for a client. Just give us the shirts you want us to wear and we’ll be all set.

5. Celebrate with Music: Parades are all about celebrating community, tradition, and special occasions. Our band reflects these values in our diverse lineup of musicians and our commitment to creating a welcoming and joyous atmosphere for all.

Book the Brass Animals for Your Parade

Easy Booking Process: Booking the Brass Animals for your parade is straightforward. Simply reach out to us with your event details, and we’ll handle the rest. We ensure clear communication and a hassle-free booking experience.

Flexible Packages: We offer various performance packages to suit different event sizes and budgets. Whether you need a short, impactful performance or a full-day engagement, we can accommodate your needs.

Nationwide Availability: No matter where your parade is taking place, the Brass Animals can travel to your city. We are committed to spreading joy and music across the nation.

Types of Parades We Perform At

  • 4th of July Parades: Boost school spirit with energetic and engaging performances.
  • Pride Parades: Celebrate love and diversity with vibrant, inclusive music.
  • Holiday Parades: Add festive cheer with our holiday-themed performances.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parades: Bring the luck of the Irish with lively Celtic tunes.
  • Community Parades: Enhance local events with music that brings people together.
  • Wedding Parades: Highlight cultural heritage with a diverse music selection.

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