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Brass Band Queries & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Brass bands are large musical ensembles typically composed of brass instruments like cornets, flugelhorns, tenor horns, trombones, trumpets, and a tuba. Many also feature a percussion section. The American style, like the New Orleans brass band, often includes saxophones, trumpets, and percussive instruments.

Brass Animals offers a unique blend of brass-driven, booty-shaking hip-hop, New Orleans funk, pop, and R&B. Our repertoire includes hits from artists like Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Sly Stone, and Kanye West, making us stand out in the brass band scene.

On average, our package starts at $2,500. The price can vary based on the performance length, event type, number of musicians, and their experience. It’s best to request a quote from Brass Animals for a precise estimate.

Brass bands, including Brass Animals, are perfect for music festivals, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, block parties, and even New Orleans-style jazz funerals. Ensure the band’s style matches your event’s desired energy.

Brass bands are known for their rich, warm, and resonant sound. The blend of the various brass instruments gives the band its distinct tonal color. Brass bands also perform a diverse range of music, from traditional marches and hymns to popular hip-hop, r&b, pop, and funk tunes.

We typically play as a 6-piece – Trumpet, trombone, saxophone, sousaphone, marching snare drummer, marching bass drummer. However we’ve done performances with as few as 4 musicians and as many as 20. We can customize the size of our band to fit your needs.

While brass bands typically play spirited music with a full sound, Brass Animals uniquely blends American-style lively jazz with European-style classical compositions. We also cover funk, folk, and more. Always feel free to inquire about specific genres.

The average performance time is 30 minutes to an hour. However, this can vary based on the event and your requirements. For extended performances, breaks might be necessary.

Generally, Brass Animals bring their instruments and sound equipment. It’s a good practice to check with the band and your venue about two months prior to ensure all requirements are met. Also, ensure the band has ample time for setup and sound checks.

Brass Animals has roots in New Orleans but has local troupes all over the country, ensuring proximity to most events.

Yes, we’ve collaborated with companies like Google, Jack Daniels, Salesforce, and more, showcasing our versatility and professionalism.

Simply visit our website and request a quote. We’re eager to make your event unforgettable!