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    Island of Maui is a destination for true nature lovers! Known for its scenic beaches, exotic cocktails and hula dancing and partying on!

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But how do you host a stand out event when every night’s a party? Start by hiring our Maui brass band.

A band is a great way to entertain your guests, no matter what type of party you are throwing. It provides something to do, listen to and look at all night long. When considering what type of musical entertainment you would like, here are some of your choices:

A cover band: These can be great for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Our brass band provides unique, jazzed up versions of your favorite hip hop, R&B and pop hits.

A jazz band: Jazz bands are perfect for giving your event more of an old school, vintage vibe. Our brass band can easily convert into skilled jazz players that will give your party the authentic feel you are going for.

Background music: If you are hosting an elegant event or cocktail party, you might not want a band that is too high energy and in your face. Our brass band can tone it down providing the atmosphere you are looking for.

A marching band: Need a band for a parade or festival? We can provide up to 20 musicians for a great marching band vibe.

No matter what type of event you are throwing, we can be the band to give you the type of musical entertainment you need. Contact us and so we can help you throw the party of your dreams.

We play all kinds of events

Maui Brass Band Wedding Brass Animals
Maui Brass Band Corporate Events Brass Animals
Corporate Events
Maui Brass Band Special Events Brass Animals
Special Events
Maui Brass Band Second Line Parade Brass Animals
Second Line Parade
Maui Brass Band Sporting Events Brass Animals
Sporting Events
Maui Brass Band Happy Hour Brass Animals
Happy Hour
Maui Brass Band Holiday Party Brass Animals
Holiday Party
Thank You To Our Sponsors
Charity Event / Fundraiser

Watch us perform some of our favorite songs

We've performed for some of the coolest companies around..

“The band’s vibe was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone that attended my grand opening loved the band’s performance, especially when they played When The Saint’s Go Marching In and Crazy In Love, and I sold a bunch of jars of caramel sauce at my party. I’ll definitely ask them to perform at my future events.”

Kimberly Luskey, CEO of Burnt Carmel

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