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Hire Our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Brass Band for Your Special Day

All your favorite family and friends have just flown or driven in to start the festivities for your wedding day with the rehearsal dinner. It’s tough to keep the energy up in the room when everyone is exhausted from all that travel or wedding preparation. You need something to get everyone going and in the mood to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

That’s where our wedding rehearsal dinner brass band comes in!

Can you hire a brass band to play a wedding rehearsal dinner?

Of course! Our wedding rehearsal dinner brass band is the perfect way to add energy and excitement to this special event. We’ll get everyone on the dance floor and in the mood to celebrate your big day.

Think about it this way: your rehearsal dinner is the last chance for your family and friends to let loose before the big day. What better way to do that than live music from the Brass Animals?

Brass bands are a great addition to any private event with live music. Your wedding party will enjoy festive second-line parades and feel like they are in the French Quarter.

What kind of rehearsal dinner venue do you need to host a brass band?

Our wedding rehearsal dinner brass band is perfect for any rehearsal dinner venue, whether you are hosting a pre-wedding brunch or a cocktail hour. We can set up in a small room or large hall with ease. Our band is flexible and can perform at any rehearsal dinner venue.

How long do brass bands play for?

Our performances range from 15 to 135 minutes of music. For this type of event, we typically play three 45-min sets. We can break up the time in any way you’d like, playing for up to 90 minutes before we need to take a break.

We always aim to be accommodating so that we can best serve you. When you receive a quote from us for our services, the time listed will include the length of performance you’ve requested plus additional time for set-up, soundcheck, and breakdown.

How much does it cost to hire a brass band?

Our fees vary depending on the length of performance, distance traveled, and other factors. Typically, hiring a brass band can cost anywhere between $500-1000. When you contact us for a quote, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

Get your wedding started right with Brass Animals

Whether you are planning a wedding or a corporate event, our New Orleans-style brass band will liven it up. We’ll provide the perfect level of background music to keep the mood upbeat.

Brass Animals was named a WeddingWire 2018 & 2019 Couples Choice Award winner. We can help you with everything – including finding the best vendors for your event.

Request a quote today and make your next private event memorable with brass band music!

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