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How to Create a Wedding Style That Fits With the Venue

One of the most important decisions that you make about your wedding is the venue. The venue choice sets the tone for the entire day. Your venue should reflect the personality and theme of your wedding. Here are three ways that you can create a wedding style that fits with your venue so that you can pull off a seamlessly themed day.


When making sure that the overall style of the wedding fits the venue, it is important to look at the big picture. You need to decide if you are going after a classic style or something more modern. Another popular option is to plan a cultural wedding that incorporates traditions from you or your love’s heritage. The rustic wedding is also a trendy option for those looking to capitalize on the chic farmhouse vibe. This style of wedding is perfect for an outdoor venue or even an old barn.


Once you have decided on your theme and venue, you can decide how to dress the part so that your attire fits with the location. For example, a beach wedding will naturally lend itself to casual dress. Conversely, a fancy ballroom or reception hall will necessitate that you dress to fit the formality of the venue. This may mean tuxes for the men and traditional full-length dresses for the women. You should also find ways to match your hairstyle with your dress. Think about what ways you can use your appearance to highlight the distinguishing features of your venue.


The entertainment that you choose for your special day will have a direct effect on the mood that you set. Music is the cornerstone of the entertainment for your wedding. Be sure to choose songs that fit the theme of the venue. For example, country music is a good choice if your wedding is outdoors or in a more rustic location. Reggae music makes a good reception style for your wedding on the beach. The music and entertainment that you choose is a powerful determiner of the vibe that you convey with your wedding, making it important that you make appropriate choices.

Don’t let your choice of wedding venue go to waste. Using the location of your nuptials and reception to complement the style of your wedding will help you to plan a more cohesive event.

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