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How to put on the best cocktail hour

Cocktail hour is arguably the best part of any event. It gives your guests the chance to sit back and unwind with some great drinks, delicious food and perhaps some mood music. If you would like your event to be the talk of the town, a cocktail hour really is a must. We have some fantastic cocktail hour ideas that will ensure your guests will have a great time and that they will talk positively about your event.

Theme your cocktails

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Have a go at theming your cocktails to your event. You could be elaborate with this one and create a new drink to match up with your brand or cause, perhaps with the help of a bartender or you could take an already popular cocktail and play about with the name. Either way, theming your cocktails gives a personal touch and makes sure that your guests remember the reason they are at your event. Always make sure you have a non-alcoholic option available too. Make this fun, just because they don’t get to drink it shouldn’t mean they have to miss out on everything.


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Ideally, you want your guests to be able to mingle during cocktail hour. This is the part of an event where they really should be getting to know each other and forming ongoing relationships. This means that you will want to remove as much seating as possible to remove the temptation for people to sit on their own. You should include some comfy seating, however, for those who really do need it.

Mood music

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Background music will help your event flow but you need to ensure that it is not so loud or attention-grabbing that it stops people from chatting. Low-key is the way to go. Think about hiring a classical guitarist, a string quartet or even a jazz trio to serve as background music.


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With appetisers, it is always important to serve a variety of foods to ensure all your guests can enjoy something. Many planners work with offering something salty, sweet, bitter and savoury to ensure they can appeal to everyone’s tastes. Remember, that these foods should be easy to eat whilst your guests are standing up and holding a glass too.

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