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Jazz Wedding Playlist: Crafting Your Perfect Musical Ambiance

Jazz Wedding Playlist

Music plays an integral role in shaping the ambiance and emotional resonance of any wedding celebration, serving as the soundtrack to cherished moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Jazz, with its timeless melodies and sophisticated charm, holds a special allure for couples seeking to infuse their nuptials with elegance and style. 

From classic standards that set the tone for romantic ceremonies to upbeat hits that enliven lively receptions, jazz offers a versatile repertoire to suit every stage of the wedding day. In this collection of the 37 best jazz wedding playlist, we explore the rich tapestry of jazz music, delving into iconic melodies that evoke feelings of love, joy, and nostalgia. 

Whether you’re envisioning a grand entrance accompanied by a brass band or a serene cocktail hour serenaded by smooth ballads, these selections promise to elevate your wedding festivities to a harmonious crescendo of celebration and romance.

Here are 37 jazz wedding songs:

  1. At Last” by Etta James
  2. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
  3. “It Had to Be You” by Harry Connick Jr.
  4. “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra
  5. “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman
  6. “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone
  7. “Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald
  8. “My Funny Valentine” by Chet Baker
  9. “Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole
  10. “Misty” by Sarah Vaughan
  11. “All of Me” by John Legend (Covered by Jamie Cullum)
  12. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston (Covered by Cassandra Wilson)
  13. “Imagine” by John Lennon (Covered by Herbie Hancock)
  14. “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey (Covered by Postmodern Jukebox)
  15. The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra
  16. “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong
  17. “Cheek to Cheek” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  18. “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole
  19. “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole
  20. “Moon River” by Audrey Hepburn
  21. “Sway” by Dean Martin
  22. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley
  23. “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” by Duke Ellington
  24. “Our Love Is Here to Stay” by Billie Holiday
  25. “Blue Moon” by Billie Holiday
  26. “What a Difference a Day Made” by Dinah Washington
  27. “Just the Way You Are” by Diana Krall
  28. “Come Away with Me” by Norah Jones
  29. “My Baby Just Cares for Me” by Nina Simone
  30. “Let’s Fall in Love” by Diana Krall
  31. “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin
  32. “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong
  33. “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” by Ella Fitzgerald
  34. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  35. “Route 66” by Nat King Cole
  36. “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder
  37. “What a Wonderful World” by Michael Bublé

Customizing Your Jazz Wedding Playlist

Considering Personal Preferences and Themes

  • Reflect on your and your partner’s favorite jazz artists and songs.
  • Incorporate songs that hold special meaning or memories for you as a couple.
  • Align the playlist with the overall theme or aesthetic of your wedding.
  • Explore variations within jazz, such as smooth jazz, swing, or bossa nova, to match your preferences.
  • Integrate elements of your cultural background or heritage through song choices, if applicable.

Working with Musicians and DJs to Curate the Perfect Playlist

  1. Collaborate closely with your chosen musicians or DJs to communicate your vision.
  2. Provide them with a list of preferred songs and artists, as well as any specific requests or exclusions.
  3. Seek professional guidance on song selection, tempo, and flow to create a well-rounded playlist.
  4. Consider their expertise and experience in adapting the playlist to suit the atmosphere and energy of different wedding moments, such as the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.
  5. Be open to their suggestions and insights based on their knowledge of music and previous wedding experiences.
  6. Regularly communicate and review the playlist together to ensure alignment with your expectations and make any necessary adjustments.



Crafting your jazz wedding playlist is a journey of personal expression and shared love, blending timeless classics with modern interpretations. With careful consideration of your preferences and collaboration with talented musicians, your playlist becomes a symphony of cherished moments on your special day. May the melodies of your wedding day echo through your lives together, creating a harmonious soundtrack to your shared journey ahead.

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