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Land the Best Brass Band in Houston

Brass Band in Houston

If you want to spice up the event you are planning, brass bands are an excellent option to add some flair to any affair. And with experienced and top-tier musicians, the Brass Animals is set to become the Houston Brass Band everyone will look for.

With an innovative approach to music arrangements, the Brass Animals manages a fusion of that classic New Orleans sound with modern genres of music, turning the heads of casual listeners and music enthusiasts alike.

No matter the event, if you need a music act and are thinking of a marching band, we will bring the Bayou sound to elevate the energy at your event.

How do you find a brass band in Houston?

Contrary to what most event planners are used to, we make scheduling more straightforward than ever. Our musicians are flexible and reliable, ready to bring high-energy performances everywhere in Houston, making us one of the best vendors in the industry.

How do you book a brass band in Houston?

To book a brass band with us, just request a quote before your event. As qualified entertainers, we ask you questions about the reason for the celebration, the venue, the size of the brass band or marching band you are looking for, and the playlist. We’ll help you plan amazing entertainment within your budget.

What kinds of events are brass bands appropriate for?

Brass band music infuses energy into any type of event in Texas. We’re ready to provide entertainment for any occasion, whether at the Festival Hill Concert Hall in Round Top or the Zilkha Hall in downtown Houston. We have no qualms about the size.

A Brass Band can be ideal for all types of special events:

Just let us know what the event entails, and we will handle the playlist and other details.

What kind of music does a brass band play?

The Brass Animals is well-versed in many musical genres. Each musician in our lineup can adapt to all musical styles, from jazz to hip-hop. When planning your event, we will provide several playlists with all sorts of tunes so you choose the one you feel is most appropriate. We will handle the rest!

How many musicians are usually in a brass band?

Brass band troupes vary in size depending on the scope of the event. All our musicians are experts in their craft and are stage ready at any moment.

We are very flexible with sizing. We will discuss your preferences and scale the band to your specifications.

Book Your Next Brass Band With the Brass Animals

Our local Houston musicians are ready to assemble in a British-style brass band. Contact us to spice up your event with the classic New Orleans sound.

We work hard to make the process easier for our clients, so ‌request a quote with Brass Animals to plan for your next event.

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