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Legal Things to Think About When Getting Married

Getting married is a special moment in your life and it’s likely you already have a lot on your mind. However, one thing that should be a priority is taking care of all the legal matters related to your marriage. Taking care of these as soon as possible will help take away some of the stress.

Getting the Right License

In order to be legally married, you need to get a marriage license. This license is filled out before your wedding and is then signed during or after your wedding. After an officiant has turned in the license, you are given a marriage certificate. In order to get a license, you need to know the date and location of your wedding. It’s important to get a license for the place you will be getting married, especially if you are doing a destination wedding. Knowing the date is helpful because some licenses will expire, and you don’t want to have to reapply. When getting your license, make sure you have proof of identification, a witness, and information about your parents (full names, dates of birth, etc.). Keep in mind that some licenses will require a fee.


Signing a Prenup

The purpose of a pre-nup is to protect both parties, not necessarily to predict the failure of the marriage. Many people have negative stigmas of getting a prenup. However, it is actually an opportunity for a couple to thoroughly discuss finances and create a plan for the future. A lot of couples might not accurately talk about their finances or even discuss assets they have. Signing a prenup creates a situation where the couple can discuss things like debt or financial planning. A prenup can also help protect business ventures or even protect children from a previous marriage.


Updating Your Documents

Not everyone changes their name, but if you choose to you have an extra set of legal things to take care of. You need to make sure you update all documentation that is legally binding. This includes your social security card, driver’s license, and passport. You also need to change your name where it relates to finances including with your bank, on your credit card, and the name you have listed for utilities. Additionally, you should change your name with insurance, medical companies, and anything else that requires you to use your legal name.


A wedding is a celebration of the love you share with your future spouse. Of course, it can also be a stressful time as you plan everything and make adjustments to your new life. As you prepare for your future, don’t forget the important legal side of things.


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