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Little Things that Make a Big Difference When Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding is meant to be one of the most special days of your life. Planning such an important day is the source of a lot of stress for the bride and groom and their families! Having so many details to nail down can be overwhelming and cause some surprising lack of preparation on the wedding day. Here are a few things to make sure you don’t overlook that will make a big difference to the ease of what should be an exciting day, not a stressful one!

The Music

Music adds to the ambiance of the venue in whatever way you want it to. Slow and romantic, upbeat and exciting, a party for the ages, you name it. Determine what the mood is you want to set, and create a playlist that reflects that or hire a DJ to do it for you (but ask to see the setlist beforehand so you aren’t disappointed with any choices!) Live music is a fun way to add something unique, interesting, or classy to your reception—from string quartets to brass bands, this interactive and visual addition to your venue is sure to be enjoyed.

The Drinks

Drinks are a great way to celebrate and to set apart an event as something significant, worth recognition. Bars are a very popular option for wedding receptions, but require a fairly large budget so make sure you are prepared to delegate enough funds to make it happen if you so choose! Keep in mind that you may need a liquor license, depending on your venue and state restrictions. Make sure you do your research so that you aren’t caught off guard by potential regulations!

The Photo List

Photographers are an essential part of documenting your special day, but they (at least usually) are not a member of or close friend of your family. This means that they can’t know who to take pictures of, or of any specific pictures and people you want to make sure are captured for yourself. Make a list of those shots, of people or places or things that you don’t want the photographer to miss, and assign someone to help the photographer identify those people so that you don’t have to!

The Backup Plans

Unfortunately, not everything always goes exactly to plan. So, troubleshoot! If the weather goes south, will there be an emergency venue change? Will you provide umbrellas? Do you have access to some sort of covering? Consider guests’ food allergies and come up with options for everyone. If technology is involved, you may want to track down backup devices and test the tech before the reception starts. Overall, it is most important to brace yourself for little things but decide to not let them ruin this important day for you. Think of what the day is about: you and your new spouse! Let that excitement trump any minor flaw.

These are each little elements of your big day that will help you feel in control and ready for anything. Relax and enjoy planning everything to reflect and celebrate this special day!

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