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Alabama (AL)

The Heart of Dixie has to be THEE place to throw a party, and what better way to do it than with an Alabama brass band? Find out why a brass band can be a great choice for your party’s entertainment.

What’s a party without entertainment? I mean, guests can’t just be expected to show up and entertain themselves. Musical entertainment will give your guests visual stimulation and get them out on the dance floor.

But for your state’s high standards, not any musical entertainment will do. A DJ can play the tunes you want to hear, but so will your iPod. And while a cover band can get your guests off their feet, one that offers a unique spin on your favorites will be something that will have them talking for weeks to come.

Our brass band offers a unique take on the latest hits and classic tunes. Our jazzed up versions of pop, hip hop and R&B songs will get your guests off their feet and, if everyone’s not on the floor dancing, our band leaders will have to do something about that!

But we understand not every event calls for an upbeat band, which is why we can adjust to suit the mood of your party. We can also tone down to offer a mellow backdrop to suit your occasion. Or if you want a swing vibe, we can be a jazz band! If you want a marching band….we can be that too! Just let us know what you are looking for in musical entertainment for your party and we’ll make it happen. Our musicians can be hired in groups of as little of 5 musicians or as many as 20.

No matter what the occasion may be, cocktail party, graduation, engagement partyanniversarycorporate eventfestivalsweddings and more….we have the quality entertainment you are looking for. If you are planning an event, call our brass band first!

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