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Colorado (CO)

We know that Colorado loves to celebrate with enthusiasm and flair, which is why a Colorado brass band is perfect for any event big or small.

What kind of events would a brass band be appropriate for? A brass band can be the perfect way to liven up a corporate event or get people on to dance at at weddings, corporate receptions, cocktail partiesfundraisers and more. Have a festival lined up? A brass band can keep the atmosphere fun and festive.

Sure, a DJ can be a great way to keep things lively at your event, but our Florida brass band brings a whole new element that can take your party to another level. Our brass band will bring infectious energy to the dance floor adding a creative twist with our jazzed up versions of your favorite hip hop, R&B, funk and pop tunes.

We are versatile in that we can perform as a marching band, jazz band, or a cover band. We can get interactive with your crowd or offer more subtle background music. You can even book us with a few as 5 musicians and as many as 20. The possibilities are endless!

Share with us your vision of what you want your event to be like and we’ll come up with a great set list that will make your affair a memorable experience for everyone raves about for a long time!

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