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Make Your Next Atlanta Event Pop with a Brass Band

Flowers and food trucks aren’t always enough to make an Atlanta event memorable. If your guests would enjoy live music, a Georgia brass band may be that special touch you’re looking for. The right brass band can make your private event feel as festive as a Mardi Gras party. Here’s what you need to know about booking a high-energy brass band for your next event.

How do you find a brass band in Atlanta?

You can do a Google search for brass bands in Atlanta, or look at review sites for customer ratings of different bands in Georgia. Another good way to assess brass bands is to watch clips of their performances online. If you want an affordable brass band that fuses New Orleans-style music with other popular musical styles for a crowd-pleasing sound, look no further than the award-winning Brass Animals.

How do you book a brass band in Atlanta?

The first step to booking a brass band in Atlanta is to request a quote. From there, you’ll be connected with someone to discuss pricing for a local troupe, whether your event is in Atlanta, Mableton, Decatur, or another part of the metro Atlanta area.

What kinds of events are brass bands appropriate for?

While you may not want to book a full jazz band for an intimate dinner, many celebratory private and corporate events are well-suited to live music. You might book a live band for the following events:
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Bar and bat mitzvahs
  • Charity events
  • Block parties
  • Graduation events
  • Second line parades
  • Festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Funerals
  • Other special events

What kind of music does a brass band play?

Brass music groups traditionally play brass instruments such as the tuba, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, and horn, along with percussion instruments. A brass band may play as a marching band in a parade, or band members might perform on a stage. Some brass bands also have vocals. New Orleans-style brass has evolved to include an eclectic mix of genres. For example, Brass Animals plays fun and recognizable tunes from R&B, funk, pop, and hip-hop artists. Your guests can sing along to Beyonce or groove to Marvin Gaye.

How many musicians are usually in a brass band?

Traditionally, a brass band has between 28 and 30 players. Nowadays, brass bands can range in size, and Brass Animals offers smaller troupes, but most brass bands still have many more band members than your average rock band. If you’re booking a brass band for your next Atlanta event, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space at the venue you’ve selected.

What kind of venue do you need to host a brass band?

That depends on the size of the brass band and the type of event you’re hosting. From stadiums to outdoor parks to warehouse spaces and meeting halls, a variety of large venues can support a brass band. Check with the venue to see how many musicians it can accommodate, and remember to look for the best vendors for your event as well.

Book your next brass band with Brass Animals

Atlanta is renowned for its music scene, so bring the beat by booking a brass band for your next event. Brass Animals has local music troupes in Atlanta ready to bring your guests to their feet. With their high-energy performances, expansive repertoire of hit songs, and professional and accommodating demeanor, Brass Animals is the perfect choice for corporate and private events alike. Request a quote to find out more.

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