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Illinois (IL)

From the streets of Chicago to the prairie plains, it’s time to get your party started right! Our Illinois brass band can help you celebrate your next party or event with unforgettable style.

What type of events will our brass band play? We’re equal opportunity partiers so we play at a wide range of events. We love to help your business celebrate company milestones and grand openings or infusing your conference booth and corporate convention with some energy. We love to celebrate at personal events such as wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. Whether you’re a corporate or professional event planner or hosting your own celebration, we’re here to help you get the entertainment part just right.

Sure, we know that you can just hire a DJ to play music, but doesn’t everybody? You want to make your event something memorable for your guests and our brass band has that special something that will keep them talking. Our jazzed-up popular dance songs can keep the party going from one spot the whole time or we can be on the move, walking through the guests to get the energy flowing. If you would like, we’d be more than happy to start a second-line parade to get everyone on the floor. For events with a more subdued vibe, our band can provide the perfect level mellow background music to allow your guests to enjoy great conversation.

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