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Chicago Brass Band For Hire

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In the heart of the Midwest, Chicago is a shining example of a city where history and cultural diversity are deeply rooted in a love for music. Today, the city's musical influences stand proud amid bustling city streets, towering skyscrapers, and an iconic waterfront.  Think of the Chess Records building on Michigan Avenue and Kingston Mines, a world-famous blues club in Lincoln Park. Founded in 1891, we have the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, one of the world's most prestigious orchestras. And we can’t forget Bronzeville, Wicker Park, and Bucktown, Chicago neighborhoods at the heart of the city’s ever-evolving music culture. There’s no denying Chicago is a city where music is woven into the fabric of everyday life. If you’re planning any type of event—wedding, private party, corporate, convention—hiring a live band is almost a given. As a premier Chicago brass band, Brass Animals stands ready to make your event a part of this grand tradition. Let us fill your celebration with the rhythms, melodies, and energy that make Chicago truly unique.

Live Band for Weddings

From Millennium Park and Lake Michigan to architectural icons like the Athenaeum Center and Tribune Tower, Chicago has an unending supply of backdrops for the perfect wedding. What can you do to set the perfect mood for your perfect day? Add the exhilarating sounds of a live Chicago brass band. Brass Animals transforms your special day into an unforgettable celebration, infusing it with the soulful sounds of trombones, cornets, and tubas. Our repertoire, ranging from traditional jazz to hip-hop with a brass twist, ensures that your wedding resonates with the joy and love of your union, making every moment a melody that echoes through the Windy City.

Live Music for Corporate Events

In a city known for its dynamic business landscape, let the electricity of a Chicago-style brass band add a festive touch to your next corporate gathering. Brass Animals brings an enlivening element to any corporate event with live music that captivates and energizes. From small gatherings in historic venues to grand celebrations in modern spaces, our performances are tailored to reflect the innovation and diversity of Chicago's corporate community. Our brass band brings a lively atmosphere to product launches, grand openings, and company holiday parties, making every corporate event a memorable experience.

Live Jazz for Conventions

With its rich jazz heritage, Chicago provides the perfect setting for conventions and conferences that seek to impress and entertain. From lakeside event spaces at Navy Pier to the historic and elegant meeting rooms of Chicago’s Palmer House, live jazz performances add an undeniable dynamic to any event. Be it the smooth sounds of a saxophone, punctuated by bright notes from a trombone, or the intense energy of a full-size ensemble, guests will feel more alive and energized. Not even McCormick Place, the largest convention center in North America, is immune to the empowering effects delivered by live musicians. Brass Animals, a premier Chicago brass band, brings a unique blend of New Orleans-style brass music infused with the spirit of Chicago’s own musical heritage. Whether it's a networking happy hour, charity event, or industry trade show, our music enhances the atmosphere and sets the stage for productive and meaningful interactions.

Enjoy Live Music Across Genres

Brass Animals prides itself on a diverse song list that transcends genres, mirroring Chicago's eclectic musical taste. From brass band classics to contemporary hits, our skilled musicians bring a wide array of music to life. Our robust song list consists of more than 150 songs, covering the spectrum of musical styles such as:
  • Classic New Orleans tunes
  • Fiery Mardi Gras-inspired music
  • Smooth jazz band standards
  • Upbeat Motown medleys
  • High-energy brass arrangements
  • Classic rock anthems
  • Hip-hop favorites with jazz twists
  • British-style brass band music
  • Country music ballads
  • Romantic overtures
  • Pop, funk, and R&B
  • Second-line parade standards
Our performances are a testament to the versatility and depth of brass music, offering music for any occasion and ensuring your playlist is as unique and vibrant as Chicago itself.

Book Live Music in Chicago, IL

Are you ready to ignite your Windy City event with the infectious rhythms and smooth sounds of a brass band? Choose Brass Animals for your Chicago event. You and your guests will be treated to a musical experience that captures the heart and soul of both the city and your special occasion. Our performances are more than just entertainment; they celebrate life's most significant moments, designed to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Whether you are a corporate or private event planner or hosting your own party, wedding, or celebration, we can help you add a special element to your event. Request a quote or contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life. Please note: While Brass Animals connects clients with Chicago-based brass bands, it is important to acknowledge the rich history and artistic achievements of The Chicago Brass Band, a thirty-piece ensemble praised for their performances across the globe, from New Zealand tours to overtures performed alongside the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. We encourage music lovers to explore their website ( to learn more about their impressive artistic journey.

FAQs About Hiring a Chicago Brass Band

Where can I hire a top-rated live band for my event in Chicago?

Brass Animals is your premier choice for a top-rated live band in Chicago. We are a Chicago-based company passionate about connecting you with the perfect brass band for your event, from large-scale gatherings to intimate affairs. Known for our lively performances and exceptional musicianship, we're ready to bring the unique energy of brass music to your event.

Can I hire a live band for a corporate event in Chicago?

Absolutely. Brass Animals specializes in adding a new level of energy and elegance to corporate events. The vibrant sounds of a brass band offer a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate your company's achievements and milestones in the heart of Chicago. Live music adds excitement and energy to any corporate event, whether a product launch, holiday party, or annual conference.

Why hire a wedding band?

A live band adds a personal touch to your wedding day, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests. Live music elevates the ceremony and reception, making them truly special. Brass Animals ensures that your wedding is filled with unforgettable moments set to the soundtrack of your dreams.

How much does hiring a band for a party in Chicago cost?

The cost varies depending on several factors, including the size of the band, the length of the performance, and the specific needs of your event. Brass Animals offers transparent pricing and customizable packages to fit your budget and ensure your event in Chicago, Illinois, is as spectacular as the setting itself. For an estimate, request a quote today.

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