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Cambridge Jazz Band For Hre

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Brass Animals is a Top Cambridge Jazz Band Choice

Brass Animals is the best choice for your Cambridge event. We will tailor a set list of songs that can range from jazzified covers of popular hits to old standards and ballads. Rent us as a scaled-down group of four or a pumped-up group of 20. We will adapt to the vibe of your event perfectly. 


Create a Unique Cambridge Jazz Atmosphere

Cambridge is home to Harvard University. Jazz is ideal for the highly cultured atmosphere. It offers just the right amount of elegance and sophistication and a hint of naughtiness. It will make your event sizzle. 


Why Choose Brass Animals for Your Cambridge Event?

  1. Versatile Performances: We can play a variety of jazz subgenres or infuse jazz into any genre of music. We can change it up for your event or vary our tone throughout the evening. We will fit right in with the mood you are going for -  whatever it may be. 
  2. Interactive Fun: We do more than put on a great performance. We interact with your audience. We take requests, tell jokes, and get everyone up on the dance floor. 
  3. Great for Any Event: With Brass Animals, no event is too big or too small. We’ll play everything from cocktail parties to carnivals. Heck, we’ll even play in your living room! Our adaptability ensures we will fit fight in. 

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Our master song list is mile long

We have learned songs from many different genres. Take a look below and see if our song mix fits your needs.

We've played all kinds of events

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We have troupes all over the country

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