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Hilton Head Live Band For Hire

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We like to think that our Hilton Head brass band is a little like a superhero when it comes to making your event great. Here are ten reasons why we can come in just like Superman and save any event that may be in need of musical powers that go above and beyond the ordinary.
  1. We might not come to your party in a superhero spandex onesie, but we can certainly dress for your event. Just let us know what you’re thinking of, and we’ll do our best to fit the bill.
  2. We can morph into just about any form. We can play as a cover band, jazz band, marching band or tone it down for a subtler vibe. We can come in groups with as little as 5 musicians or as many as 20.
  3. Our charismatic band leaders have the supernatural ability to get all your guests on the dance floor.
  4. We’re always there when you need us.
  5. We can be great for a variety of events ranging from birthdays to corporate events to cocktail parties to festivals and parades. (Okay, so maybe that’s not very superhero-like, but we thought we should throw that in there).
  6. We have superior musical skills that can only be attained when exposed to a radioactive spider at a very young age. (Okay, we’re trying here).
  7. When playing as a cover band, our superpowers allow us to play jazzed up versions of your favorite R&B, hip hop and pop songs in ways you never imagined possible.
  8. We’re really nice.
  9. We can play songs faster than a speeding bullet (if necessary).
  10. We’ll save your party from being a disaster.
Call us for your next party emergency. We’ll be there to save the day

Our master song list is mile long

We have learned songs from many different genres. Take a look below and see if our song mix fits your needs.

We've played all kinds of events

Click below to watch our live performances.

We have troupes all over the country

We likely have a troupe located close to your next event, click below to see all locations.

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