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Washington (WA)

When comparing apples to apples, there is no beating a Washington brass band to entertain guests at your next party, event, or celebration. What kind of events will a brass band play?

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That is an excellent question. Our brass band can play at a wide variety of events. We play corporate and business events such as grand openingslaunch partiesconferencesconventionscompany parties, and other VIP events. We’re happy to entertain at wedding receptionsrehearsal dinnersholiday parties, and cocktail parties. We’re even up for town events like paradesmusic festivals, and sporting events. Whether you’re a professional event planner or hosting your own, we can help you out with the entertainment aspect of your occasion.

But why a brass band when you can just hire a DJ? It’s true, a DJ will provide music for your event. You want your event to stand out and be memorable, though. You won’t find a brass band around every event corner and we’ll give your guests a great time that they will always remember. We can play our jazz-infused popular music hits in one spot all evening or get the energy going by moving through the crowd, even starting a second-line parade to get everyone in the party spirit. For formal or more low-key events, our band can add class to the room with light background music to mingle by.

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