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    Live and breathe the culture of New Orleans, infusing funk, rock, jazz, and hip-hop into a custom-made enhancement of brass band tradition.

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You could be planning a large friends and family event like a birthday or wedding. Maybe you are hosting a fundraiser. Or perhaps you are planning a sports event, festival or parade. No matter what it is, you can provide your event with the perfect entertainment by hiring our Springfield brass band.

Now we know what you may be thinking. Can one band really do it all? Can the same band that played Aunt Sally’s wedding bring it for a parade? Or maybe an elegant cocktail party? Yeah, we can do it all. Here’s a bit more about how we can change it up to suit almost any event.

Our musicians are extremely versatile so they can play music that represents a wide variety of genres. That’s why, when our brass band performs, we can be a cover band offering jazzed up originals of your favorite R&B, pop and hip hop tunes. We can also play as a jazz band or a 20 piece marching band! We can tone it down to create a great background vibe for more elegant events.

Now, we can’t promise that every wedding band you see will be as versatile as we are, but we can guarantee that our brass band has what it takes to suit any occasion. Call us to find out more about how we can make your event rock.

We play all kinds of events

Springfield Brass Band Wedding Brass Animals
Springfield Brass Band Corporate Events Brass Animals
Corporate Events
Springfield Brass Band Special Events Brass Animals
Special Events
Springfield Brass Band Second Line Parade Brass Animals
Second Line Parade
Springfield Brass Band Sporting Events Brass Animals
Sporting Events
Springfield Brass Band Happy Hour Brass Animals
Happy Hour
Springfield Brass Band Holiday Party Brass Animals
Holiday Party
Springfield Brass Band Charity Event Fundraiser Brass Animals
Charity Event / Fundraiser

Watch us perform some of our favorite songs

We've performed for some of the coolest companies around..

“The band’s vibe was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone that attended my grand opening loved the band’s performance, especially when they played When The Saint’s Go Marching In and Crazy In Love, and I sold a bunch of jars of caramel sauce at my party. I’ll definitely ask them to perform at my future events.”

Kimberly Luskey, CEO of Burnt Carmel

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