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In this 24 hour city, you’re competing with casinos, shows and just the excitement of every day life so you better make your event compelling enough to make people want to hang at your party for the night. But don’t worry, our Las Vegas brass band has what it takes to bring in your guests and have them talking about your party for weeks.

Here are some reasons why our brass band will make your event better than any night out on the town.

  1.       We’ll have your guests dancing all night long so instead of watching the show, they’ll be part of it.
  2.       We can play a variety of musical genres making us a great cover band, jazz band or marching band or we can tone it down providing a more elegant atmosphere and giving your party the perfect vibe.
  3.       Your guests won’t lose all their money to the one-armed bandit.
  4.       Our cover band plays unique, jazzed up versions of your favorite hip hop, R&B and jazz classics.
  5.       We’ll provide a different experience for your guests and take them away from the same old, same old.
  6.       What happens at your party stays at your party.

You might be hosting a quinceneara, a birthday party, corporate event, parade or festival, but no matter what your event may be, the right musical entertainment is so important, especially in this crazy town! Clearly, our band is what your event needs. Call us first for a Las Vegas party done right!

We play all kinds of events

Las Vegas Brass Band Wedding Brass Animals
Las Vegas Brass Band Corporate Events Brass Animals
Corporate Events
Las Vegas Brass Band Special Events Brass Animals
Special Events
Las Vegas Brass Band Second Line Parade Brass Animals
Second Line Parade
Las Vegas Brass Band Sporting Events Brass Animals
Sporting Events
Las Vegas Brass Band Happy Hour Brass Animals
Happy Hour
Las Vegas Brass Band Holiday Party Brass Animals
Holiday Party
Las Vegas Brass Band Charity Event Fundraiser Brass Animals
Charity Event / Fundraiser

Watch us perform some of our favorite songs

We've performed for some of the coolest companies around..

“The band’s vibe was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone that attended my grand opening loved the band’s performance, especially when they played When The Saint’s Go Marching In and Crazy In Love, and I sold a bunch of jars of caramel sauce at my party. I’ll definitely ask them to perform at my future events.”

Kimberly Luskey, CEO of Burnt Carmel

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