• Our Patterson Brass Band Is The Key To Achieve A New Orleans Style Party.

    New Orleans Brass band-style music made its way to its distinctive sound for Paterson is a great location for throwing a rockin’ party!

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And when it comes to providing great entertainment, your event better bring it. If you are planning an event in the area, why not start by contacting our Paterson brass band?

Our brass band can impress even the most discerning of Paterson citizens, and here’s why.

We know your guests don’t want to hear the same old songs that are played on the radio replicated by a singer that’s, well let’s just say, clearly not Beyonce. Rather than trying to imitate your favorite artists, we provide our own unique versions of your favorite songs giving your guests a bit of the unexpected while bringing an energy that is sure to get them out of their seats.

But what can also be impressive about our band is our versatility. If you want something toned down for a more elegant event, we can bring a softer vibe that is perfect for cocktail parties and fundraisers. If you want to do something vintage-y, we can play as a jazz band. And if you need musical entertainment for a parade or festival, we can play as a 20 piece marching band. How’s that for one stop shopping?

Our brass band has what you need when it comes to musical entertainment for you cocktail party, birthday, corporate event, quinceneara and more. And we have what it takes to impress even the most jaded Paterson crowd. Call us today to find out how we can make your party rock.

We play all kinds of events

Patterson Brass Band Wedding Brass Animals
Patterson Brass Band Corporate Events Brass Animals
Corporate Events
Patterson Brass Band Special Events Brass Animals
Special Events
Patterson Brass Band Second Line Parade Brass Animals
Second Line Parade
Patterson Brass Band Sporting Events Brass Animals
Sporting Events
Patterson Brass Band Happy Hour Brass Animals
Happy Hour
Patterson Brass Band Holiday Party Brass Animals
Holiday Party
Patterson Brass Band Charity Event Fundraiser Brass Animals
Charity Event / Fundraiser

Watch us perform some of our favorite songs

We've performed for some of the coolest companies around..

“The band’s vibe was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone that attended my grand opening loved the band’s performance, especially when they played When The Saint’s Go Marching In and Crazy In Love, and I sold a bunch of jars of caramel sauce at my party. I’ll definitely ask them to perform at my future events.”

Kimberly Luskey, CEO of Burnt Carmel

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