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Set Off On Your Honeymoon In Style

With your vows said, and the cake enjoyed, it’s time to embark on a honeymoon adventure as a newlywed couple. With a grand send-off from family, friends, and your own personal brass band, set off on your honeymoon in style. Follow these five simple pre-honeymoon tips to enjoy the perfect honeymoon for you and your love.

Create a Budget

A honeymoon is a time to splurge a little to have a memorable time, but you don’t need to break the bank to do it. Create a budget for your honeymoon and let that guide you in planning the activities you do. Remember that you’ll need to plan for little things like accommodations, food, souvenirs, and transportation needs such as gas or unexpected car issues trouble.

Decide When You’ll Leave

Not all couples decide to leave for their honeymoon directly after their reception. If you are one of these couples, be sure you know when you want to leave, be it a few days later, weeks or even months later. If you are flexible to when you leave, more honeymoon destinations may be open to you depending on the season. Just be sure to have everything prepared for your departure a day or two in advance in case something doesn’t go as planned and you can make other arrangements.

Pack the Necessities

Whether you’ve chosen to stroll down the cobblestone streets of Paris or bask in the sun while lounging on a beach in the Bahamas, a new wardrobe will have you enjoying your honeymoon in style. Don’t forget to choose clothing that will be perfect for the climate of your honeymoon destination. While the tropics invite a more loose and casual wardrobe, cooler climates will leave you wanting more to wear. Solve that problem with stylish modest attire that keeps you warm and comfortable for the best days of your life. Research your destination before packing your clothes to make sure they’ll be appropriate.

Ride In Style

While you’re planning your honeymoon, don’t neglect to give some attention to your car. If you are going to use it to drive to your honeymoon destination, be sure to take care of any issues that may lead to unexpected trouble. In the days leading up to your honeymoon, spruce up your ride with a service or two. You can also give your car a new paint job, remove dents and fix scratches, and shine it up with a simple DIY wax job so that your car is stylish and impressive.

With these few tips in mind, you and your love are prepared to have the time of your life. Remember to stick to your budget, decide exactly when you should leave, pack appropriately for your destination, get your car in tip-top shape, and have fun.


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