• Get yourself ready for luck, and a night to remember with our Casino Night Brass Band.

    Your luck is about change—you'll hit the jackpot with our live brass band.

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Like all women, Lady Luck likes to be romanced with some fine music

But we’ve heard that she doesn’t like DJs (too predictable) but prefers live music (much more exciting!). Where will you turn for music to entertain those trying their luck?

We’ve got an ace up our sleeve—live brass band music. We’ll keep spirits up and the fun atmosphere going with some light (or a little more lively—your choice) background music for your guests. They’ll enjoy jazzy-versions of well-known songs that they can hum along and tap their feet to while wagering. With our brass band, it’s a sure bet that your Casino Night event won’t soon be forgotten.

Watch us perform some of our favorite songs

We've performed for some of the coolest companies around..

The band performed during our monthly BBQ/Summer Sailstice celebration. Not only did they provide our club members and staff with a great concert, they were professional, communicative, and easy to work with. Additionally, having the band, on our event description definitely played a part in bring almost 300 people to our BBQ. Their funky brass band arrangements of pop tunes were perfect for our clientele–we will definitely have them back in the future.”

Morgan F., OCSC Sailing School

Berkeley, CA

“We had the pleasure of having the Brass Animals grace our stage at a little brewery in South Austin. Nobody knew what to expect, but they brought the fun/funk/heat/love/grooves. They covered familiar songs but in new and provocative ways. I highly recommend the Brass Animals for any of your events.”

Libby B., St. Elmos Brewing Company

Austin, Texas

With local Brass Animals troupes all over US we likely have a troupe located close to your next event!