• Celebrate music and community. Get everyone involved in the fun to the beat of our Second Line Parade Brass Band.

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Get everyone involved in the fun at your next special event

Our Mardi Gras-like second line parade will get any party started right

Sometimes guests are shy about getting up and getting in the groove or maybe the same old music being is just plain uninspiring. Your party needs a sure fire way to get everyone involved in the action–something everyone can talk long after the fun is done.

Everyone loves a parade, and when we start our march around the venue or event room accompanied by our high-spirited New Orleans brass band music, it’ll be nearly impossible to sit still. And no Mardi Gras party would be complete without beads, handkerchiefs, shakers, and upbeat dance music, all of which we will make sure everyone is well-supplied with.

Don’t feel we might be a little too exuberant for your event–talk to us and we can tailor our parade to make it appropriate for your event.

Watch us perform some of our favorite songs

We've performed second line marches for some of the best organizations around..

“Wanted to provide a ‘surprise’ for our students & faculty and have a little fun for Fat Tuesday at our high school. Just as classes were letting out for lunch, in comes the Brass Animals to lead a parade thru the halls to the dining hall where they continued to entertain thru the lunch. WOW…. such an awesome surprise and the students LOVED the event. They will be back!!!”

Marc B., Mercy High School

With local Brass Animals troupes all over US we likely have a troupe located close to your next event!

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