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Meeting The Needs Of Children At Your Event

As you plan your event, you might wonder how to make things fun for the children on your guest list. Little faces full of smiles can brighten any day. But, when a child is bored, they’ll almost certainly let everyone know! You want everyone to have a good time at your event. Here are 4 ways to meet the needs of children at your event, so that they can celebrate with everyone else:

1. Provide coloring materials

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A few coloring sheets and a pack of crayons can easily distract most children. You don’t need event planning software to schedule activities that for very young children! At your wedding, a quiet coloring table in the corner of the room can keep kids smiling through the reception. You can also add some coloring sheets to every table at your wedding breakfast. Parents will appreciate that you’ve thought of their child’s needs, and the crayons and print-outs will cost you barely anything.

2. Book live entertainment

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Children enjoy a multi-sensory experience. Though they love listening to music, there’s something even more fascinating about watching that music being made.¬†Instead of just hiring a DJ, consider live performers as part of your event planning.

3. Consider a separate table for children

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If your event includes a sit-down meal, then think about your table layouts. Some families will want to dine together, young and old included, but others might enjoy their meals more if they’re sitting separately. A separate table for children provides age-appropriate social opportunities. Adults can enjoy some child-free conversation, whilst children can talk to others that are around the same age as them. There are risks involved with this option. If you’ve got particularly wild children attending your event then the table may get very noisy. Consider hiring someone to supervise the kids, so that things don’t get out of hand.

4. Provide plenty of snacks

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Most parents will bring snacks for their children. Some won’t be so prepared. Others may think that they’ve brought enough snacks, but soon find out that they haven’t.

Snacks can keep children quiet for a good 15 minutes at a time. Whether you’re including healthy options or ample supplies of sugar and E numbers, occasionally distributing snacks will ensure that no little ones get ‘hangry’.

Preparing for an event with children in attendance can seem like a mammoth challenge. Luckily, kids are far more easily pleased than you might first imagine. A little early event planning can keep your youngest guests occupied, without eating too much into your budget.

To find out more about booking live entertainment for your event, contact us today.