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Christmas Party Ideas: 56 Festive Themes to Your Celebration

Christmas party

As the holiday season approaches in 2024, it’s time to start planning the perfect Christmas party that will dazzle your guests and create lasting memories. With 56 creative ideas and themes at your disposal, this guide aims to inspire and elevate your festivities to new heights. Whether you’re a fan of traditional holiday charm, unconventional twists, or eco-conscious celebrations, there’s something here for everyone. 

From culinary delights and interactive activities to family-friendly fun and virtual options, the possibilities are endless. This year, why not add an extra touch of magic to your celebration by incorporating the melodic sounds of a marching band or the grandeur of a brass band performance? Get ready to deck the halls, spread the cheer, and make your 2024 Christmas party an unforgettable event for all!


Here are 56 creative Christmas party ideas and themes for your 2024 festivities:

  1. Winter Wonderland Gala: Transform your venue into a magical winter wonderland with shimmering decorations and an enchanted atmosphere.
  2. Nutcracker Ballet Soiree: Host a sophisticated soirée inspired by the classic Nutcracker ballet, complete with elegant decor and a live performance.
  3. Santa’s Workshop: Turn your space into Santa’s workshop with DIY crafts, festive treats, and appearances by Santa and his elves.
  4. Christmas Carnival: Bring the excitement of a carnival to your party with games, rides, and carnival-themed food stalls.
  5. Holiday Masquerade Ball: Invite guests to don their most elegant attire and masks for a glamorous masquerade ball.
  6. Rustic Christmas Dinner: Host a cozy and intimate dinner party with rustic decor, comfort food, and a crackling fireplace.
  7. Candy Cane Lane: Create a whimsical candy cane-themed party with red and white decor, sweet treats, and peppermint-flavored cocktails.
  8. Tacky Christmas Sweater Party: Embrace the kitsch with a tacky Christmas sweater party, complete with a contest for the most outrageous sweaters.
  9. Polar Express Pajama Party: Invite guests to wear their favorite pajamas and enjoy a screening of the beloved movie “The Polar Express” with hot cocoa and cookies.
  10. Holiday Movie Marathon: Set up a cozy movie marathon featuring a selection of classic Christmas movies, complete with popcorn and festive snacks.
  11. Enchanted Forest Feast: Transport guests to an enchanted forest with twinkling lights, rustic decor, and woodland-inspired cuisine.
  12. Dickensian Christmas Carol: Host a Victorian-themed party inspired by the works of Charles Dickens, with period costumes, carolers, and traditional holiday fare.
  13. Hanukkah Celebration: Honor the Festival of Lights with a Hanukkah celebration featuring traditional foods, dreidel games, and a menorah lighting ceremony.
  14. Christmas in Paris: Bring the romance of Paris to your party with French-inspired cuisine, chic decor, and a live accordion player.
  15. Gingerbread House Decorating Contest: Challenge guests to get creative with a gingerbread house decorating contest, with prizes for the most festive and imaginative designs.
  16. Santa’s Sleigh Ride: Take guests on a magical sleigh ride through a snowy landscape, complete with hot cocoa and holiday music.
  17. Hawaiian Christmas Luau: Escape to a tropical paradise with a Hawaiian-themed luau featuring hula dancers, tiki cocktails, and a roast pig feast.
  18. Vintage Christmas Soiree: Travel back in time with a vintage-inspired Christmas party, featuring retro decor, classic cocktails, and swing music.
  19. Winter Wonderland Ice Skating Party: Rent out an ice skating rink for a festive evening of skating under the stars, with hot cocoa and s’mores by the fire.
  20. Nutcracker Tea Party: Host a whimsical tea party inspired by the Nutcracker ballet, with delicate tea sandwiches, sweet treats, and a visit from Clara and the Nutcracker Prince.
  21. North Pole Breakfast: Kick off the holiday season with a festive breakfast inspired by the North Pole, with pancakes, waffles, and hot chocolate served by Santa’s elves.
  22. Scandinavian Yule Feast: Celebrate the Scandinavian tradition of Yule with a feast featuring hearty dishes, mulled wine, and cozy decor inspired by Nordic folklore.
  23. Victorian Christmas Market: Transform your space into a charming Victorian Christmas market, with vendors selling handmade gifts, festive treats, and holiday decorations.
  24. DIY Ornament Making Party: Gather friends and family for a crafty afternoon of making personalized ornaments to decorate the tree.
  25. Holiday Cookie Exchange: Host a cookie exchange where guests can swap their favorite holiday treats and recipes.
  26. Christmas Karaoke Night: Get into the holiday spirit with a karaoke night featuring all your favorite Christmas songs.
  27. Festive Cocktail Party: Shake up some holiday cheer with a cocktail party featuring seasonal drinks like mulled wine, eggnog, and cranberry mimosas.
  28. White Christmas Party: Embrace the elegance of a white Christmas with an all-white party featuring snowy decor, attire, and a white elephant gift exchange.
  29. Grinchmas Party: Have fun with a Grinch-themed party, with green decor, Grinch-inspired treats, and a screening of the classic movie.
  30. Christmas Movie Trivia Night: Test your knowledge of holiday movies with a fun and festive trivia night.
  31. Christmas Carol Sing-Along: Gather around the piano for a sing-along of your favorite Christmas carols.
  32. Elf Workshop: Set up a workshop where kids can make their own elf hats, stockings, and other festive crafts.
  33. Santa’s Cookie Decorating Workshop: Let kids decorate their own cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  34. North Pole Express Train Ride: Take a magical train ride to the North Pole, complete with caroling, storytelling, and a visit from Santa.
  35. Holiday Lights Tour: Take a tour of the best holiday light displays in your area, followed by hot cocoa and cookies.
  36. Reindeer Games: Organize a series of fun reindeer-themed games and activities for kids to enjoy.
  37. Christmas Tree Decorating Party: Invite friends and family over to help decorate the Christmas tree, with festive snacks and drinks.
  38. Christmas Caroling Party: Form a group and go caroling around the neighborhood, spreading holiday cheer to all.
  39. Santa’s Workshop Storytime: Gather the kids for a cozy storytime featuring classic Christmas tales.
  40. North Pole Dance Party: Dance the night away at a North Pole-themed dance party, with a DJ playing all your favorite holiday tunes.
  41. Holiday Baking Party: Spend the day baking cookies, cakes, and other treats to share with friends and family.
  42. DIY Holiday Wreath Making Party: Get crafty and make your own holiday wreaths to decorate your home.
  43. Christmas Brunch Buffet: Host a festive brunch buffet with all your favorite holiday dishes, from cinnamon rolls to eggs benedict.
  44. Christmas Eve PJ Party: Have a laid-back pajama party on Christmas Eve, with movies, games, and plenty of snacks.
  45. Stocking Stuffer Exchange: Exchange small gifts and treats with friends and family to fill each other’s stockings.
  46. Christmas Potluck Dinner: Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings their favorite holiday dish to share.
  47. Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt with holiday-themed clues and challenges for kids and adults alike.
  48. Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest: Hold a contest to see who can decorate the most creative and delicious cookies.
  49. Holiday Cocktail Making Class: Learn how to make festive cocktails like candy cane martinis and gingerbread old fashioneds.
  50. DIY Christmas Card Making Party: Get together to make your own Christmas cards to send to loved ones.
  51. Festive Family Photoshoot: Hire a photographer to take holiday-themed family photos that you can treasure for years to come.
  52. Christmas Charity Drive: Give back to those in need by organizing a charity drive for toys, food, or clothing.
  53. Holiday Movie Marathon: Spend the day watching all your favorite holiday movies back-to-back.
  54. Christmas Cookie Swap: Invite friends and family to bring their favorite cookies to swap and share.
  55. Christmas Eve Candlelight Dinner: Have a romantic candlelight dinner on Christmas Eve with your significant other
  56. Champagne Toast at Midnight for a New Year’s Eve Twist: As the clock strikes midnight and the New Year approaches, add a touch of New Year’s Eve excitement to your Christmas party by hosting a champagne toast. 




These 56 creative Christmas party ideas and themes offer an array of possibilities to make your 2024 festivities unforgettable. Whether you’re drawn to traditional holiday charm, innovative twists on classic themes, or unique experiences that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, there’s something here for every host and guest to enjoy. 

From culinary delights and interactive activities to incorporating musical magic with marching bands and brass bands, the options are endless. As you plan your Christmas celebration, remember to infuse it with your personal touch and creativity, making it a reflection of your joy and warmth during this special time of year. So gather your loved ones, embrace the spirit of the season, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Merry Christmas and cheers to a joyful holiday season!

Elf-Themed Christmas Party: Unleashing Holiday Magic

Elf-Themed Christmas Party

Welcome to the enchanting world of the ultimate Elf-Themed Christmas Party, where the spirit of the season comes alive in a whimsical celebration of festivity and fun! As we embark on this magical journey, envision yourself transported to the snowy landscapes of the North Pole, where Santa’s workshop bustles with merry activity and mischievous elves spread cheer at every turn. In this introduction, we’ll unveil the secrets to hosting a truly unforgettable holiday extravaganza, where guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the charm of elf culture. 

From transforming the venue into a winter wonderland to crafting delightful activities, indulgent cuisine, and enchanting entertainment, our goal is to create an experience that will leave guests brimming with joy and holiday spirit. So, gather your festive attire and join us as we embark on a journey to host the world’s best Elf-Themed Christmas Party!

Elf-Themed Christmas Party: Planning the Perfect Venue

In the quest to host the perfect Elf-Themed Christmas Party, selecting the ideal venue sets the stage for an enchanting experience that captures the imagination of all who attend. 

  • Begin by seeking out a location that exudes whimsy and charm, perhaps a rustic lodge nestled amidst snow-covered pines or a grand ballroom adorned with twinkling lights and festive decor. Whether indoors or outdoors, the venue should provide ample space for guests to roam and partake in merry festivities. 
  • Transforming the space into a winter wonderland requires attention to detail, from decking the halls with garlands, wreaths, and twinkling lights to adorning tables with festive centerpieces inspired by the magic of the season. 

By carefully curating the venue to reflect the enchantment of the North Pole, guests will be transported to a world where the spirit of the holidays reigns supreme.

Crafting Elf-Inspired Decor and Ambiance

Crafting an ambiance brimming with the whimsy and charm of elves is key to immersing guests in the magic of your Christmas party. 

  • Begin by adorning the space with decorations that evoke the enchantment of the North Pole, such as oversized candy canes, sparkling snowflakes, and plush reindeer. Utilize a vibrant color palette of reds, greens, and golds to capture the festive spirit, and incorporate elements reminiscent of Santa’s workshop, such as toy soldier figurines and nutcrackers. 
  • Enchanting lighting, from twinkling fairy lights to soft candle glow, sets the mood while evoking the cozy warmth of holiday gatherings. 

Consider adding sound effects of sleigh bells and cheerful holiday tunes to further enhance the atmosphere, ensuring that every detail contributes to the magical ambiance of your elf-inspired celebration.

Elf-Themed: Delightful Activities and Entertainment

Delivering a plethora of delightful elf-themed activities and entertainment ensures that guests of all ages are fully engaged and immersed in the festive spirit. 

  • Kick off the merriment with an elf costume contest, encouraging attendees to don their most whimsical attire and embrace their inner elves. 
  • Set up interactive elf workshop crafting stations where guests can create their own ornaments, stockings, and other festive trinkets, fostering creativity and camaraderie. 
  • For a touch of whimsy, organize a Santa’s secret gift exchange, spreading joy and laughter as guests exchange surprises. 
  • Adding to the enchantment, incorporate captivating performances by a marching band or brass ensemble, filling the air with the joyful melodies of the season and infusing the celebration with an extra dose of holiday cheer. 

With a plethora of engaging activities and entertainment options, your elf-themed Christmas party is sure to be a resounding success, leaving guests with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Indulgent Elf-Themed Cuisine and Drinks

Elevating your elf-themed Christmas party to a culinary spectacle, indulge guests with a delectable array of elf-inspired cuisine and drinks that tantalize the taste buds and spread holiday cheer. 

  • Start by crafting a menu that reflects the whimsical charm of the North Pole, featuring festive finger foods like miniature candy cane caprese skewers, elf-sized sliders, and sugarplum fairy cakes. 
  • Complement these savory delights with sweet treats reminiscent of Santa’s workshop, such as gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, and hot cocoa cupcakes adorned with elf hat toppers. For libations, concoct signature cocktails and mocktails that sparkle with seasonal flavors, from elf’s elixirs spiked with candy cane vodka to frosty snowflake spritzers garnished with sugared cranberries. 

With each culinary creation infused with the magic of the holidays, your elf-themed feast is sure to be a culinary adventure that delights guests and leaves them craving more.

Highlighting the Marching Band Extravaganza

Elevate the enchantment of your elf-themed Christmas party with a spectacular marching band extravaganza, infusing the celebration with grandeur and musical majesty. As guests arrive, orchestrate a grand entrance that dazzles the senses, welcoming them with the resounding melodies and rhythmic beats of the marching band. Throughout the festivities, intersperse captivating performances that engage and enthrall, featuring spirited renditions of classic holiday tunes and festive favorites. 

Whether parading through the venue or stationed as a centerpiece of entertainment, the marching band brings an electrifying energy that elevates the atmosphere and spreads joy to all in attendance. With each triumphant fanfare and spirited cadence, the marching band ensures that your elf-themed Christmas party is an unforgettable extravaganza filled with the magic of the season.

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Charity Initiatives

Spread the spirit of giving and extend the magic of your elf-themed Christmas party beyond the festivities by incorporating charity initiatives that touch hearts and make a difference in the community. 

  • Invite guests to participate in a toy drive, encouraging them to bring unwrapped gifts to donate to local children in need, embodying the true essence of the season by spreading joy to those less fortunate.
  •  Additionally, set up a donation booth offering elf-themed gifts and merchandise, with proceeds benefiting charitable organizations dedicated to supporting families during the holidays. 

By weaving these acts of kindness into the fabric of your celebration, you not only amplify the joy and goodwill of the event but also create a lasting impact that resonates far beyond the confines of the party walls, illuminating the true spirit of the holiday season.

Capturing Memories: Photography and Keepsakes

Ensure that the enchanting moments and cherished memories of your elf-themed Christmas party are preserved for years to come by incorporating photography and keepsakes into the festivities. 

  • Set up an elf-themed photo booth adorned with festive props and backdrops, inviting guests to capture whimsical snapshots with friends and loved ones, providing a tangible memento of the joyous occasion. 
  • Additionally, offer personalized party favors such as custom ornaments, elf hats, or holiday-themed trinkets, allowing guests to take a piece of the magic home with them. 

By providing opportunities for guests to commemorate the celebration in both digital and tangible formats, you create lasting reminders of the joy, laughter, and camaraderie shared at your unforgettable elf-themed Christmas party.




In the glow of twinkling lights and echoes of laughter, we bid farewell to the enchanting world of our elf-themed Christmas party, a celebration that captured the true spirit of the season with boundless joy and festive magic. As we reflect on the whimsical journey we embarked upon, we are reminded of the power of togetherness and the joy found in spreading cheer to others.

From the grand entrance of the marching band to the heartwarming moments of charity and goodwill, each element of our celebration embodied the essence of the holidays, leaving indelible memories in its wake. As we part ways, may the spirit of the elf-themed Christmas party linger in our hearts, inspiring us to carry the warmth and kindness of the season with us throughout the year. Until we meet again to revel in the magic of the holidays, may the joy and wonder of this celebration continue to brighten our days and illuminate our spirits.

12 Themes for Your Company Christmas Party

Company Christmas Party

You have a coveted seat on your office holiday party planning committee. It’s up to you to make it a standout and memorable event. One-by-one your coworkers come to you and ask, “So what’s the theme of this year’s Christmas party?” Confused you reply, “Um, Christmas?” Well, duh. And snore. Just because it’s been done since the dawn of time (or the foundation of the company) doesn’t mean you have to do it the same exact way year after year until the end of time. In fact, that’s precisely why you should mix it up.

So, how does Christmas have a theme other than Christmas, you ask? Ho, ho, ho, you’re a silly pup. Sit back and tell you a thing or two about how to add a theme to your holiday partying.

1. Christmas in Vegas

christmas in vegas 2019 brass animals brass band

Skip the kiddy party games, casino night is for the big boys and girls. Of course, you should still make it holiday themed (who calls dibs on dealing blackjack in a Santa Suit?) but roll out the dice and the poker chips and find out who Lady Luck thinks is naughty or nice. Buuuut since Christmas is about giving to other, you might opt to make it a charity fundraising event where winnings go to a worthy cause.

2. Christmas Time Machine

Christmas Time Machine 2019 Brass Animals Brass Band

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong era (“I would have roared the hell out of those 20’s had I been there!”)? Here’s your chance to go back in time with an era-themed party (less expensive than a time machine, and less likely to completely rearrange the history of mankind). Maybe you love the Great Gatsby style glitz, fashion, and art deco of the 20’s. Maybe you’ve always wanted to rock around the clock in a poodle skirt in the 50’s, want to relive the free love hippy days of the 60’s, or break out your neon MJ Hammer pants from the 80’s and tease your hair to great heights. Can’t pick just one? Great news—Christmas comes around every year so switch up the era you’ll pay homage to every December.

3. Christmas Karaoke

Christmas karaoke brass animals brass band

Whether you’re Mariah-esque in your version of Santa Baby (in your mind at least?) or you need a couple of egg nogs before you can muster the courage to grab the mike and perform Jingle Bell Rock (complete with the dance moves you choreographed for you and your friends back in your school talent show), karaoke Christmas can be a fun time to bond over good and bad singing. Though Christmas songs should definitely be on the list, it doesn’t have to be all holiday tunes—mix it up with hits that different generations have loved singing in the car to for decades.

4. Luau

Luau christmas 2019 brass animals brass band

If your already sick of winter by the time the holidays come around, don’t just join the

Cold Weather Complainers Club do something about it. Well we didn’t mean move south; we were talking about something a bit less drastic like a tropical theme to your holiday party (a reverse Christmas in July). Crank up the heat in the office, mix the Mai Tais, break out the coconut bras and grass skirts and pretend you’re all in a wonderfully warm tropical place for a few hours.

5. 12 Cocktails A-Mixin’

I mean honestly, what would you do with 3 french hens and 8 maids a-milking anyway—you don’t even own cows! But you can give the everyone something they can love—signature cocktails (and mocktails for those who prefer the non-alcoholic version). You don’t have to bartend and mix them all yourself—pick several helpers to create and mix fun cocktails or even themed-cocktails (Christmas, winter, tropics, etc.) for the party. Set up stations for each cocktail/theme and have non-cocktail makers bring signature dips or other treats (if you’re doing a theme, assign them a station with like-themed cocktails) to contribute. You’ll have all the ladies dancing and all the lords a-leaping over this one (responsibly, of course).

6. Holiday Ho-down

holiday ho down 2019 brass animals brass band

Have everyone trade in their snow boots for country boots and their ski hats for cowboy hats and let the line dancing begin. If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking country-themed Christmas. Put on country Christmas songs (and mix it in with regular country songs), rustle up some catered BBQ, and let the whiskey sours and porch tea flow freely.

7. Snowman Party

snowman party 2019 brass animals brass band

Your company may include people who don’t celebrate Christmas or other religious-based holidays during the end of the year, so a snowman party to celebrate the beauty of winter can be a fun and inclusive alternative. Hold a marshmallow snowman contest, have people contribute their favorite warm winter recipes, and set up a fancy hot chocolate station with tons of accoutrements (candy canes, mini-mallows, rock sugar, etc.). You’ll also find that there is no shortage of snowman and winter décor around, so have a (snow)ball with it.

8. Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris 2019 brass animals

Your end of year bonus may not have taken you as far as Paris (hell, it barely afforded you that package of croissants), but you can still have a Christmas full of elegance in a City of Lights of your own making. Go glitter and gold with your decor, break out authentic French foods like champagne, French wine, and French pastries, and foie gras, set up bistro tables with flowers and little Eiffel Towers, and of course, have plenty of elegant lights. Who needs the hassle of a trans-Atlantic flight, anyway.

9. Christmas Around the World

christmas around the world 2019 brass animals brass animals

So maybe Paris isn’t your thing (that’s cool, who needs amazing food and wine, amiright), but you have a great appreciation for the cultures of the world. Or perhaps your place of work includes people from many different cultural backgrounds. Celebrate diversity and the beauty of different traditions from around the world with a global potluck. Have everyone choose a country to research and make a traditional holiday dish. Make a playlist of holiday songs from around the world and even create a holiday trivia game based on the traditions of different cultures. Let everyone enjoy a little world peace.

10. Classy Christmas Masquerade Ball

Christmas Masquerade ball 2019 brass animals brass band

If you’re going big this year (renting a venue, lots of invitees, etc), a masquerade ball combines class, decadence, and mystery. Have everyone dressed to the nines for a night of twirling on the dance floor and flirtatious unmasking (have we been watching too many period dramas?). You can have guests bring their own masks or give out masks that they can decorate themselves (provide markers, glitter, feathers). Bring in a live band that can get everyone on the dance floor and has the versatility to mix in slow jams with party favorites (and maybe even some classic ballroom numbers if you’re feeling extra fancy and also have been watching too many period dramas with ballroom scenes).

11. Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland christmas 2019 brass animals brass band

Maybe you want to go classy but take it down a notch from the mysterious masked flirting and to-the-nines-dress-up. A winter wonderland theme can be magical, elegant, and even cozy. White and blue décor and lighting, elegant twinkle lights, ice sculptures, vodka cocktails, and foods that warm the body and soul, and perhaps glitzy semi-formal attire—turn the venue into a winter palace that will melt even the frostiest hearts.

If you want to go less formal with your winter wonderland, that’s fun, too. Give out gifts of cozy scarves, have everyone break out their best plaid and flannel shirts, bring in polar bear and penguin décor. Or consider taking the party outside to an ice-skating rink.

Either way you want to go, there’s tons of ways to celebrate the coldest time of the year. Face it, Cold Weather Complainers Club, it’s wintertime, so you might as well embrace it.

12. Festivus

festivus christmas 2019 brass animals brass band

And then there’s a holiday theme for the rest-ivus. Maybe your company is diverse, maybe everyone isn’t into the traditional holiday doings, or maybe you are all just huge Seinfeld fans—a minimalist Festivus Christmas complete with Festivus Meatloaf dinner and Festivus Pole might be just the thing for you. If you decide to go with the traditional Festivus Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength, keep it chill—you all still have to see each other at work the next day.

No one wants to play boring party games or *gasp* have to come up with small talk to strangers, co-workers’ significant others, or colleagues that they see nearly every waking hour of their lives and know everything (you want them to know) about you. Themed holiday parties are an alternative way to add some fun to your end of year parties, give everyone something to do besides stare at each other, and definitely provide fodder for the company gossip mill. Happy partying everyone!