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Do You Have A Wedding Backup Plan?

A wedding can be the most exciting highlight in a person’s life. You and your spouse are going to walk down the aisle to make a lifetime commitment to each other. You want things to go smoothly and without a hitch. However, is there a backup plan in case that does not happen? Accidents do occur during a wedding ceremony and also before the event. What are your ideas in the event of an emergency? There are four we should look at.

Weather Issues

Courtesy of Wedded Wonderland

The weather is another issue all by itself. If you have summer weather, you know that individual states are prone to hurricanes. If one happens to show up during the time of your wedding, how would you handle that? Would you still be brave enough to get married and wait it out? If your marriage is just a small party of people in your family, you could have beforehand without all of the extra finesse that goes with it. That way when the storm is raging outside, you and your spouse can be honeymooning inside. If it just a regular rainy day, move everything indoors and continue. There is no need to panic if the rain is not that heavy then get it done. However, if everyone is taking cover do it, wherever that might be.

Medical or Dental Emergency

Courtesy of Mandeville Dental Care

The last thing you need before or after your wedding is dental and medical issues. It could be something painful like a toothache that has your jaw swollen and whole mouth hurting, or you getting a tooth knocked out because you got drunk at your bachelor or bachelorette party and started fighting. You could also land in the hospital by having an unforeseen accident trying to get to your wedding because you overslept leaving your future spouse at the altar waiting for you. That wouldn’t be ideal, but some things are beyond your control.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Even in the best situation, dresses can get messed up, whether from a food spill, a misstep, getting clothing caught on something or any number of other situations. Make sure that you have at least one backup outfit for an unfortunate bridesmaid, or one backup dress for yourself if something goes wrong while you’re in your wedding gown. There are plenty of affordable and stylish options out there if you’re willing to look hard enough. Having a backup plan like this can turn a wardrobe disaster into a stylish solution.

The Band Doesn’t Show Up

You would hope that the professional musicians you hire would act professional, but too often that isn’t the case. For reasons surpassing understanding, last-minute cancellations are disturbingly common in the music industry. If you’re having problems booking a band due to a last-minute cancelation, we’d love to be a part of the solution. This is your wedding! Trust a professional.

Life happens. Your wedding day is extraordinary, so you should always have a backup plan. Emergencies and other issues do arise. Being prepared will help keep you focused.