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The No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring a Brass Band in Austin

Hiring a Brass Band in Austin

There is no shortage of reasons to party in Austin, with its eclectic restaurant scene, diverse nightlife and variety of music venues. And what makes any event even better is the hearty and lively notes of a brass band. No matter the occasion, a private event or huge corporate party, brass music offers an element of entertainment that very few other musicians can offer.

What is even better is that Austin Brass musicians are versatile. Brass music can be smooth and soulful or they can play jovial tunes for celebrations of any kind. They can play cover versions of popular tunes or traditional jazz songs, and just about everything in between. Keep Austin weird by hosting an event with a brass band.

What kinds of events are good for brass bands?

Hiring a brass band for your event is a no brainer. Their music appeals to a wide demographic, from retirees who grew up listening to jazz and brass favorites, to kids who are learning to play brass instruments in school. The music they play is timeless and easy listening. As far as events go, a brass band can perform for anything from birthdays to weddings to funerals, and all the milestones that fall in between.

  • Weddings:
    Weddings are a reason for celebration, and the tunes of a brass band are certainly suited for all of the important parts. If they play during the ceremony, people won’t be walking down the aisle, they’ll be dancing, and once the reception comes, everyone will want to join in the festivities.
  • Holiday Celebrations:
    Just about any holiday can be enhanced with the addition of brass music, whether a mardi gras gathering or a New Year’s Eve Party. Make your holiday event memorable and enjoyable with the addition of a brass band.
  • Birthdays:
    Birthdays are always a good reason to celebrate, with another year under the belt. Milestones and random years alike are a great reason to have a party complete with the melodies of a brass band.
  • Corporate Events:
    Businesses have many different reasons to hire a brass band. Company parties and retirement celebrations, along with trade shows are all a good reason to hire a brass band. Chances are they will appeal to employees from all sectors of your company, whether the new intern or the seasoned CEO.
  • Festivals:
    Brass instrumental bands are especially good at loud festivals where vocals can be lost in the crowds. No matter the type of festival, brass music is a great addition as a scheduled event or background music while people go about their day.
  • Parades:
    Brass bands aren’t limited to a stage, as they don’t need to remain stationary in order to perform. They can remain in tune and in rhythm while in motion, which sets them apart from many different bands.
  • Private Parties:
    There are countless reasons to host a private party, and thus countless reasons to hire a brass band to perform at them. Whether it is a gallery opening, a cocktail hour at a museum or a live band at a favorite restaurant, any of these times is perfect for the melodies of brass music.
  • Fundraising Events:
    Charity galas are an excellent venue for a brass performance. They can provide music during the cocktail hour, or background music during a silent auction. Benefactors will be in the mood for donating when they have the chance to listen to good music.
  • Funerals and Celebrations of Life:
    For some people, a funeral isn’t an end but the beginning of something new and a celebration of a life well spent. Brass bands can provide traditional music to accompany a loved one into the next realm while also comforting loved ones.

How to Choose a Brass Band

There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best band for your particular event. Out of all the different types of bands available, a brass band offers a unique and custom experience for your special event. Everyone can have a traditional rock or cover band at their event, but a brass band is a unique sound that won’t be heard at every event you attend.

  • Ratings and Reviews:
    Online rating and reviews are an especially valuable resource when it comes to selecting a band. Reading reviews for events similar to yours can be particularly helpful in determining whether they will be a suitable match for your event. Ratings are also helpful, when paired with reviews.
  • Word of Mouth:
    People who have hosted similar events can be a great resource in offering firsthand experience in their experience with a band. In addition to their performance, they’ll be able to tell you what it was like working with the band in advance of an event.
  • Venue Input:
    Venues are specialized in hosting events, so if you are working with a venue for your event, seek input from them. They may have contacts and special packages with bands they know will work well in their venue and with their clients.
  • Watch Clips:
    A great way to get a feel for the performance of a brass band is to watch clips of them playing online. They may even have playlists available that you can listen to determine if they’re the match for your event.

The nice thing about hiring a brass band rather than a DJ is that in addition to providing music for your event, they also offer entertainment. People can enjoy a cocktail and listen to the music, or they can get up and dance. When you have a brass band, you’re giving event guests a full entertainment experience, one that they won’t soon forget.

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