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The No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring a Brass Band in Portland

Any Portland event can have a generic DJ or a standard live band, but for an event that blows the others out of the water, hiring a brass band is the obvious choice. Many people think of brass bands and think of mardi gras, but there is no limit to the opportunities fitting for brass musicians.

Whether your private event is a company party or a birthday celebration, brass music adds an element of uniqueness that is hard to replicate as a DJ shuffling through the same 200 songs over and over. When you hire a brass band, every time they play a song, your event is the only one to hear that exact version at that exact time. It truly gives added meaning to “you had to be there.” And who doesn’t want to be the talk of Portland with their event that tops all others?

Why hire a brass band for your event when DJs are a dime a dozen?

It is true that DJs are plentiful and come equipped with thousands of songs from which you can choose to incorporate at your event. However, at the same time, each of those DJs offers a variation of the exact. Same. Experience. Canned commentary better suited for radio, at least one round of “Don’t Stop Believing” and an audience of people hoping they don’t play the Electric Slide. And that’s just it– they’re a dime a dozen. DJs play at middle school dances, weddings and sporting events alike.

Why not make your special event even more special by stepping outside of the box? A Portland brass band offers a one-of-a-kind experience, customized specially for your event. In addition to providing the live music for your event, a brass band is also the whole package entertainment. If you don’t feel like dancing, it is still fun to watch a brass band perform. If you do feel like dancing, you’ll probably feel a lot fancier dancing to a live brass band than an MP3 file. Best yet, if they do decide to play The Chicken Dance, it will probably be a pretty cool version when it’s played live by brass instruments.

What types of instruments are in a brass band?

Brass bands, much like their names indicate, consist primarily of brass instruments rather than those of the woodwind or string families, meaning they originally and still in some cases are literally made of brass or are brass in color. Most commonly, they have trumpets, trombones, tubas, french horns, baritone horns and other related instruments like the cornet, a close relative of the trumpet. Though not literally brass, brass bands also have percussion instruments to help them keep the beat. Percussion instruments include drums, triangles and tambourines among many others.

What type of events are fitting for brass music?

An easier list would be what events aren’t suitable for a brass band, but for inspiration there are countless events for which they would be appropriate. What makes a brass band even more versatile is the wide demographic of audiences to which they appeal. Young and old alike will delight in the toe tapping melodies of a brass band.

  • Corporate events: Holiday company parties, trade shows, and other corporate events can all benefit from the music of a brass band. Whether evening entertainment after a long day of meetings and conferences or a celebration for the retirement of a valued team member, brass bands are a great solution to keep everyone happy.
  • Weddings: Brass bands offer the versatility to play music appropriate for any part of your wedding. From romantic instrumentals during the ceremony to easy listening during cocktails and dinners to rocking out at the reception, brass bands are a solid choice. They can even offer entertainment for an engagement party, bridal shower, or even post-wedding after-party or brunch.
  • Birthday Celebration: Any milestone birthday is best celebrated with the joyous tunes of a brass band. Whether a dinner party for an intimate gathering or an all out bash complete with dancing, musicians providing brass tunes are an excellent pair.
  • Festivals & Parades: Brass music is versatile in that it doesn’t have to be stationary like many other forms of live music. Brass bands can perform without missing a beat in a parade. They also provide great background music for rowdy fairs and festivals as their tunes can carry out over the audience.
  • Charity Galas: Many fundraising events include dinner, cocktails, and dancing, with benefactors dressed to the nines. Providing classy and melodious brass music is an elegant and lovely partner to a charity gala or fundraising ball.
  • Holiday Parties: Brass musicians offer welcome musical entertainment to parties and celebrations for nearly any holiday. From New Year’s Eve to Mardi Gras to Independence Day and everything else along the way.

Choosing the right band for your event

When it comes to selecting a band, it comes down to the vibe of your event and how’d you like for them to perform. Some smaller bands may be a better match for quieter venues, while bigger bands may be appropriate for a bigger event or more rambunctious crowd.

By reading reviews and ratings, you’ll be able to get a good indication of what types of events a band may be best suited. Just because a band is highly rated, doesn’t necessarily mean they are your best match. Some bands may be better for engaging a wedding crowd, and other five star bands specialize in restaurant music. The second option may not be the best option for your wedding even though they are highly rated.

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