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The No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring a Cover Band in Portland

Music is at the core of any Portland event, adding tunes and enjoyment for all involved. What makes this even better is live music, especially by a cover band. Live bands bring an added level of fun and entertainment to a private party, wedding, or corporate event. When it covers music, you get the best of both worlds; live music and your favorite songs when your favorite bands can’t be there.

Any event can hire a DJ to play all the classic dance tunes and generic party tunes. DJs will play at any event, and most have the same selections of tunes. Every wedding reception or party sounds just the same with a DJ. On the other hand, a cover band can play the favorites, but add their own twist and provide not only music but the whole entertainment package.

When to Hire a Cover Band?

If you’re looking for a way to add an element of awe to your event, having a cover band play your music will undoubtedly be the solution. They make an ordinary event memorable and provide not just music but a show. Hiring a cover band is undoubtedly a home run.

Any Portland area event that will have dancing and a party or reception will benefit from partnering with a band for hire. Dance bands add energy to an event that can’t be duplicated by a recording. There are many Portland, Oregon occasions that call for a party band to provide music.

  • Weddings: Wedding receptions are the ideal occasion for a cover band. Wedding bands that specialize in covers play a variety of music that appeals to the wide demographic of a wedding. Grandma and the flower girl will both be burning up the dance floor to the tunes played by a cover band.
  • Corporate Events: Businesses host many different events throughout the course of a year. Company parties, whether holidays or just a standard annual party, are a great reason to hire a cover band. Because they can play covers of so many different types of music, cover bands for hire are also suitable for events like retirement parties, trade shows or even team-building events.
  • Private Parties: If you have a reason to throw an upbeat party, you have a reason to hire a cover band. Cover bands are especially a good option for a themed party, as they may play covers of a certain style of music. A cover band for a 5 O’Clock Somewhere party is a lot more fun than just playing digital songs by a DJ or a disco party where the cover band specializes in 70’s music.
  • Festivals: Festivals of any type are a great occasion for a cover band because they can provide music to fit the scene. When you can’t hire a band or several bands that play the original tunes, the next best thing is a cover that can play their favorites. Cover bands will bring people from far and wide to celebrate at a festival. 
  • Fundraising Events: There is no shortage of fundraising events that would benefit from a cover band. Whether an elegant charity gala trying to get people to make donations, to the after party at a fundraising 5k, music will bring cheer while also getting people dancing and in the mood for donations.
  • Bar and Restaurant Entertainment: Live music at a bar or restaurant is a great way to attract patrons. Whether for a special event or a weekly gig, cover bands will attract people left and right to enjoy dinner, drinks and dancing. They’re even better for theme nights or holiday parties like New Year’s Eve or Saint Patrick’s Day.

How to Find a Cover Band?

Bands in Portland are plentiful, and cover bands are no exception. Thankfully, resources to find a cover band are also plentiful, with the help of online search engines, venue recommendations and even seeing a band play at a favorite restaurant. And these are only a few of the many different ways to find a cover band.

  • Search Engines: Online research is the go-to resource for finding just about anything you may need, from dancing shoes to dance bands. Search engines are exceptionally effective in finding a cover band, because you’ll be able to read reviews that other people have provided, ratings on their performance and partnership, and even allows you to watch clips of the band playing at other gigs.
  • Venue Recommendations: If you’re hosting your event at a special venue, there is a chance that they’ve worked with a cover band that they can recommend for your event. The benefit of working with the venue is that they’ve seen the band in action, see their setup, and know that their space can accommodate what the band requires. Some venues and vendors even offer special packages if you book them together.
  • Watching a Band: If you are looking for a cover band, then why not visit other venues or bars when they may have a show? Watch for Portland area events and visit them to see a performance by a cover band you may be interested in hiring for your event.
  • Word of Mouth: Chances are you may just know someone who has hired a cover band for their event. Talking to other event planners can be very beneficial in finding the right band for your event.
  • Wedding Shows: Wedding shows and other event-related trade shows can be an underrated place to find a cover band for your event. At these shows, bands, DJs, and vendors of all sorts make an appearance to showcase their skills. Cover bands are included in these vendors.

What Type of Music do Cover Bands Play?

The best part of a cover band is that they have song lists and playlists for just about any type of occasion or event. Whether you’re looking for a particular genre or the variety of a band that plays all the hits, cover bands can cover just about any of your set list needs. Being cover bands, they are also very good at learning different types of music, so if you have a special request, there is a good chance they’ll be able to learn it for you and perform it at your event.

If you make arrangements with the cover band in advance of your event, you’ll be able to get an idea of what songs they plan on playing at your event. You should be able to partner with them to play certain music during special parts of the occasion, such as relaxing jazz covers during dinner followed by pop hits once it comes time to hit the dance floor. Their versatility will be a great asset to your event, and everyone will be talking about it for months to follow.

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