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The No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring a Jazz Band in Los Angeles

Jazz Band in Los Angeles

Events in Los Angeles are known for their splendor and elegance, and a wedding is no different. What takes a wedding from ordinary to out of this world is hiring a wedding band to perform the entertainment. Live music adds an element of personalization to any event. The vibe of live music is crowd pleasing for all wedding guests.

Wedding bands are versatile when it comes to the big day. They can provide romantic music during the ceremony, background music during cocktails and dinner, and high energy music that brings guests to the dance floor during the wedding reception. Los Angeles weddings are no ordinary event, and it should be no question to hire a dance band to make it an extra special day. Everyone will be dancing and having a great time as they rock out to a live band on your wedding day.

Why hire a wedding band?

Live music is a great addition to any wedding, and plays an important role in nearly every aspect of the day. Bands offer a personalized experience that is fitting for such a momentous occasion. DJs are typically the most common option at a wedding, but especially in Los Angeles, events are elaborate and over the top, and a live band adds not only the custom song lists that DJs offer, but also the whole entertainment package to make any private party exquisite. The music a band plays can vary, and many offer a variety of genres of music making them a great addition to any event.

  • Ceremony: Depending on where your wedding ceremony takes place, having live instrumental music playing while walking down the aisle makes it romantic and special. You can use almost any song as an entrance song, especially when it is instrumental or played as a gentle cover for a wedding.
  • Cocktail hour: While everyone is enjoying a drink following the ceremony, it is nice to offer light musical entertainment in the background, even just a small group or instrumentals. This adds an element of elegance to the time before the meal while guests mingle and wedding photos are taken.
  • Dinner: Much like cocktail hour, it is vital to have music during dinner. People will be chatting, socializing and eating, so soft easy listening tunes are ideal during this span of time. Most bands have set lists that would be most appropriate during dinner. Having music for guests to listen to during dinner makes the meal extra enjoyable.
  • Reception: The wedding reception is what most bands and guests look forward to. Bands can really perform their best dance hits and can provide both slow tunes for special dances and upbeat party favorites during the reception. Live bands will amp up your guests and ensure that everyone has a great time during the reception.

How to find a wedding band in Los Angeles?

There are many different ways to find a wedding band, through word of mouth, online search engines, and even through guidance of your venue. It’s important to thoroughly research your wedding band to make sure that they are the best fit for your special day. Finding the right band is what will make your event perfect.

  • Venue: Many venues have a list of preferred vendors that they have worked with in the past that they will recommend. Some places even offer packages with their preferred vendors. They are a great place to look for wedding band suggestions because they are familiar for the band and can vouch for their ability to perform as expected. Venues will also be able to work with a band to ensure that their space can accommodate their needs.
  • Online: Searching online can be overwhelming because of how many options are available but it is a valuable resource. Online searches for bands allow you to listen to samples of their music, check out their availability and even watch clips of them performing. You may be able to find out if they have any nearby shows to check out to see if they are what you seek.
  • Word of Mouth: One of your best resources is talking to other people who have hired a wedding band; they will have advice, and be able to recommend bands they’ve used. Having been through the same experience, they can offer valuable insight into booking a wedding band in Los Angeles.

What to look for when hiring a band?

Once you’ve found a few bands you are interested in hiring, there are a few things to consider when it actually comes time to book them. By taking the time to look at these things, you will ensure a successful partnership between you and your wedding band. Once you’ve had all of the important questions answered, you’ll know whether or not you’re ready to book!

  • Ratings & Reviews: Ratings and reviews work hand in hand. Ratings alone aren’t solely representative of a band’s ability to perform. A five star heavy metal rock and roll band may not be the best solution for the typical wedding, while a four star cover band may be perfect for a wedding. Reading reviews will help you to choose which of the bands will be the most suitable at your wedding.
  • Availability: It should go without saying that you want to make sure the band is available on your special day before you fall in love with the idea of them performing at your wedding. If you find they aren’t available, are you willing to consider changing your date to a day they are available? These are things to consider during the research stage.
  • Requirements: Different bands will have different requirements for space, amenities and accommodations. Some bands may need the venue to provide specific electrical hookups or speakers, while others may simply just request a serving of dinner.
  • Set lists: It may not hurt to ask the band if you can see some of their sample set lists. This will give you an idea of their music style, what they are capable of playing. If you like what you see, it may be time to book!

For more ideas, why not check out this popular wedding band in Los Angeles for your special day?

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