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The No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring a Wedding Band in Los Angeles

When it comes to planning an event, the entertainment is one of the most important aspects. Hiring a jazz band ensures a fun, upbeat and timeless solution to the entertainment needs for nearly any event in Los Angeles. Jazz ensembles offer an exciting element, with their versatility ranging from dinner background music to the dance music at a wedding reception. This is what sets brass groups apart from traditional bands.

Jazz music was born over a century ago, and there is a reason it has remained popular over the decades. With soulful and upbeat melodies, it is a versatile genre that appeals to many different demographics. When people think of jazz musicians, they think of trombones, trumpets, clarinets and other brass instruments. So not only do they have good music, they are entertaining to watch while you listen to them. Los Angeles jazz bands are especially an ideal attraction for Hollywood glam events where celebrities may just make an appearance.

Why choose a jazz band?

While a lot of people may think that jazz bands in Los Angeles target a certain demographic that may have enjoyed this music in their youth, that doesn’t mean this is strictly a type of music for that specific group. Jazz music can appeal to many different demographics and isn’t confined to the music that was played a hundred years ago.

Jazz bands can play Jazz standard type music, but they can also add a jazzy twist to popular tunes, giving it a very unique style that is memorable for all different types of people who like different types of music. Jazz bands are very versatile and add a classy and classic element to any event.

In addition to being an impressive and memorable style of music, jazz bands are also fun to watch. Rather than seeing a DJ flip a switch to change a tune, jazz musicians are not only musicians, but also excellent performers. In addition to providing music at an event, they also add an element of entertainment. People who don’t feel like dancing can sit and watch the band.

What Types of Events are Best for a Jazz Band?

There is no shortage of events in Los Angeles that will pair well with jazz music. Whether a small intimate gathering or a huge blow out, the melodies of jazz standards help to make a perfect setting for any event. Jazz bands provide a truly versatile music that hasn’t gone out of style in a century, and doesn’t show signs of slowing in this century.

  • Corporate Events:
    Booking a jazz band for your next company party, retirement or corporate event is the perfect solution for an eclectic group of employees. It is easy listening and can appeal to everyone from interns to the CEO.
  • Birthday Celebrations:
    Hiring a jazz band for a milestone birthday is a great way to have a memorable event for the special birthday person. Having live music will make the birthday all the more special.
  • Weddings:
    Jazz bands are a great solution for weddings, because they can play the music for both the ceremony and the reception. They can even play soft background music during dinner or cocktails.
  • Fundraising Galas:
    No charity event is complete without music and a jazz band for hire is a great solution. Providing special entertainment for people who could be huge potential beneficiaries is a smart option and sets the scene for generous donations.
  • Dances:
    It is a lot of fun to dance to jazz music, especially the big band style and swing band. Any dance, whether it is 1920s themed or just a regular old dance style, jazz music is a great solution to get people onto the dance floor and twirling their partners.

How to find the right jazz band for your event

With so many different options for live jazz bands, it can be hard to decide which one will be the best option for your special event. But this does not have to be difficult once you ask yourself a few key questions.

  • What kind of songs do they play?
    You know best what the vibe of your event will be, so making sure the Jazz Band you hire plays music in the appropriate style is important. Do they strictly play their own originals? This may be fine for background music during a cocktail hour, but jazz standards, classics and pop music covers with jazz influences are more likely to get people dancing during a wedding or ball.
  • What kind of events have they played at?
    Different types of bands may specialize in certain types of special events. A chill Jazz trio may be used to playing music in nightclubs while people sit and sip cocktails, while a big band style may be geared towards getting big crowds amped up for a celebration. Some bands may have experience in parade settings, while others may specialize in weddings.
  • How are their ratings?
    Ratings are hugely important when it comes to deciding on the Jazz Band to play at your event. Reading reviews can help you decide if the ratings are appropriate for your event. This can also help you to answer questions about the events they are best suited for and types of music they play.
  • Is it a large or small group?
    The size of a group can matter depending on your venue and the plans for the event. Smaller venues may simply need a smaller group to give everyone the space they need, while the added noise level of a large group can help to fill a bigger space.

Booking a jazz band ensemble

Once you have selected the band you want for your event, it is time to book them and finalize everything. At this point you should have already made sure they are available for the date and time of your event. Once that is taken care of, you can discuss the logistics of the event day such as set up, any special requirements, and setlist.

  • Set up:
    Be sure to know ahead of time where the band will set up at your venue and the amount of time needed to set up. They may ask if there is a certain entrance they should use, if they should have a point of contact the day of the event, and other various pieces.
  • Special Requirements:
    Some bands may ask that the venue have certain equipment provided, such as electrical hook ups or speakers that are already in place. Some bands may even ask for specific travel accommodations, meals to be included at the event, or a set amount of break time in which you will have to arrange for alternate music.
  • Set List:
    The set list is when you can finally have a little fun with the whole booking process. Talking with your band about any special musical requests, covers you’d like them to play, or order of operations, such as cocktail hour music versus dinner music, and when dancing should begin.

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