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The No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring a Wedding Band in Portland

Wedding Band in Portland

So you got engaged at your favorite Portland bistro, you tasted some cakes, and toured a gazillion venues in preparation for your big day. Now you’re ready to think about music and deciding between hiring a wedding band and going with the classic DJs. It can be a challenging decision to make, but for a crowd pleasing solution, wedding bands are easily the way to go.

When it comes down to it, each part of a wedding contributes to making the special day special, but the one thing that ties it all together is the music. Music brings people together, and evokes emotion. One single song can bring up memories and recollections of special times. Rather than having that song be one that has been played a million times over, have it be a song that was played especially for you at your very own Portland Wedding.

Why Hire a Portland Wedding Band Instead of a DJ?

Live music is an experience for all those who hear it. It may be new songs; it may be covers of favorites. But one thing that is certain is that all those who hear it, share an experience that no one else can ever have. That alone is a reason to have a live wedding band. A live band performance puts it right up there with the private parties of the rich and the famous.

The thing about a DJ is that everyone has seen a DJ, listened to a DJ, and heard the same, mind numbing tunes over and over again. They provide commentary suited best for the radio, and choose the same set lists to play at the last and the next ten weddings at which they provide music. A party band at your wedding will be a one of a kind experience, special for all those involved.

  • Memorable Music:
    The best part of live music is that it is in fact live. Real musicians performing right in front of your very eyes- instruments, vocalists and renditions of songs in ways you’ve never heard them before. When you listen to live music, you remember it. People will remember your wedding day, and the high energy music that was performed. No one remembers the name of a DJ, but they will remember the tunes they heard at your wedding and the band that played there.
  • Personalized Experience:
    The nice part of a live band is that you have real people performing the music for you. When you dedicate a song to nana, a random person you’ve probably never met before isn’t just doing a shout out and pressing play, a real team of musicians is not only dedicating a song to nana, but specially performing it for her. The same goes for father daughter dances, generation dances and all of the other special songs. Your first song will be played for you and your beloved.
  • Entertainment Services:
    The nice thing about live music is that it isn’t just for listening, it’s also for watching. Watching a band perform is entertainment in and of itself, so those who don’t feel like dancing still have something to do during a wedding. A live performance is a special form of entertainment for guests at a wedding.
  • Versatility:
    Live bands typically provide a variety of different types of music. While some specialize in specific genres, which are great for a themed wedding, others offer cover music of all the hits, or even their own original tunes. They’re often capable of learning new songs and special requests just for your wedding event, and a live band plays everything from chill background music to the toe tapping beats of a dance band.

What Can a Band Offer at a Wedding

A wedding band is a great addition to the event, for all aspects of the day, not simply the wedding reception. With a variety of music available, chances are any Portland band worth hiring will be able to provide the tunes for nearly every part of your wedding day. Their song list will have something suitable for just about any need you may have.

  • Entrance Music:
    Many weddings have music playing while guests are being seated at your ceremony. Rather than using pre recorded tunes, have a few members of your wedding band provide music before the ceremony begins.
  • Ceremony Music:
    If you are not having traditional organ music play during the wedding ceremony and while walking down the aisle, your wedding band can play for you. Whether you’d like a traditional religious song or an instrumental version of a song special to you and your spouse to be, live music during your ceremony will make it exceptionally special.
  • Cocktail Hour:
    There is nothing better than enjoying a cocktail, mingling with friends and family, and listening to the melodies of live music playing. Cocktail hour is the perfect time to start up the live music if you didn’t use them for the ceremony. This provides a good warm up time and provides the entertainment in the transitional time between the ceremony and dinner.
    Dinner Music: Live music is the perfect backdrop to a special meal. Dinner music sets the tone for a wedding, and gives everyone a nice dining experience. Setlists during dinner may be low key and easy listening.
  • Reception:
    The moment everyone is waiting for… the wedding reception. Time to hit the dance floor and put on your dancing shoes. The reception is the culmination of the entire wedding, letting everyone let loose and have a great time. A live band may play covers of classic dance tunes and favorites to get everyone shaking their booties

Choosing The Live Band

There are many factors to consider when hiring a wedding band, but it is important to know what you want, the type of music you want at your wedding and the experience you want to share with your guest. Take into consideration ratings from people who have used them for their events in the past. Looking at all of these different factors will help you to choose the perfect band to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch.

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