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Things to do in Austin, Texas

I love Austin, Texas. The combination of food, music, and southern culture speak to my core. Fortunately with the band, I’ve had the opportunity to perform in Austin many times. Because I also have a lot of family and friends there, I’ve started to get to know the city pretty well.

For those who are taking a trip to Austin but don’t know what to do, I’ve put together a few food, activity, and music recommendations that you should check out.

My Favorite Food In Austin

Check out Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden on Rainey Street. My buddy Ben owns it. They have a killer Sunday brunch, the largest craft beer tap wall in Texas and awesome live music.

Franklins BBQ is world famous but you’ll wait 2-3 hours to get a table and eat. Totally worth the wait if you’re with a bunch of friends.

Salt Lick BBQ is also world famous (I send clients and friends BBQ from here for special occiasions) and has a killer vibe. If you’re willing to drive 30-40 min then you won’t regret the trek.

Blacks BBQ is in town and is awesome. I’m a little bias because it’s my initials “B. Lack” but the brisket is outrageously good. The ribs and sausage is also excellent and their sides are totally worth getting.

Best TexMex options are El Chile Cafe y CantinaMaudie’s Cafe, and Julios.


Float the Guadalupe River. Bring a 6-12 pack, tie it up to your tube and float for 2-3 hours on a nice sunny day. The most relaxing thing I’ve ever done in Austin.

Rent a boat on Lake Travis and chill with the other boaters.

Walk by the Texas State Capitol. It’s a pretty cool building and a good selfie pic.

Walk around the University of Texas campus. It’s beautiful and worth feeling like a college kid again. While you’re there. See if there’s a University of Texas football tailgate or game going and crash the tailgate or the game.

Zilker Park is where ACL takes place. So if you want to just chill on a blanket and hang, then that’s a good spot to go.

South Congress Avenue has some beautiful murals worth checking out.

For night life, either hang out on 6th Street downtown or Rainey Street.

In the morning, get breakfast tacos at Torchy’s or TacoDeli (both taco chains)

Austin Music Scene

There’s live music EVERYWHERE. But some of the more famous spots are below. If you want someone to take you from one killer show to the next, then hire Michael, the Texas Music Dude (he’s my cousin).

The Continental Club is legendary. I’ve seen multiple bands that I’ve never heard of before with my cousin and loved it.

ACL Live at Moody Theater is a sweet venue and amazing experience if you can get ticket. Killer feel inside and the sound is great. Free tickets are available for tapings by lottery.

Elephant Room has the best jazz in the city. I’ve seen multiple shows here and the musicians are top notch. Go here for late night to wind down.

The White Horse – features country, bluegrass and Cajun music. And an awesome place to dance the two-step with your friends or anyone that’s there.

St. Elmos Brewing Company has refreshing beer (that’s what my friends tell me, I don’t drink beer) and an awesome outdoor patio that almost always includes a live band performing.

We’ve played there before and the folks took real good care of us.

If you end up visiting something that isn’t on this list that you think I should go explore, then please share your thoughts in the comments.

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