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Tips for Creating Eye-Catching DIY Party Invitations

If you’re getting ready to celebrate a big event, like a wedding or a birthday party, you’ll, of course, need some invitations. Many people flock to stores to grab the premade invitations, or they turn to online to invite their guests. Sometimes, it’s important to step back from all of that and make your own. DIY invitations are more affordable and personable. If you have a reliable printer, can find some affordable ink, and the right materials, you can produce your own invitations. They show your guests that you took the time out of your day to make an invitation that makes them feel special.

Decide on the Theme and Color Scheme

When making your own invitations, you want them to be cohesive. Depending on the event you’re having, make your invitations match your theme. Black and white colored invitations are perfect for a traditional and timeless event. If you’re having a child’s birthday party, feel free to use all colors of the rainbow to create a fun invitation.

Include all Pertinent Information

When making your DIY invitations, you’ll want to include the who, what, where, when and why. Don’t forget to leave a space on the invitation for attendees to RSVP. If you want people to get jazzed about the event, include a list of fun activities that will be taking place. With DIY invitations, you can add what’s going to make your wedding special, such as live music or a particularly top catering company. Those are all things that people want and need to know about.

Jazz up the Invitation

If you want to throw a truly spectacular event, you need a genuinely spectacular invitation. There are all sorts of little touches you can add to make your invitation better. Consider using glitter to catch the attention of those invited. Make sure you use a kind that won’t rub off on them, however. Line the edges of your invitation with ribbon for a sophisticated look. To make it more personal, consider adding a picture of whoever the event is for. It’s a great way to really remind people that the event is celebrating a real person who will be sad if they don’t attend.

Make it Special

Overall, people just want to feel appreciated. By making DIY invitations, they’ll see that you took the time to make an invitation only for them. That will really help them to get excited about the upcoming event. If you’re having a birthday party for your kids, consider having them include a personal message. If you’re delivering an invitation to a good friend of yours, make sure you write a note saying how much you’d appreciate their presence at the event.


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