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Nomadic hunter-gatherers pass through the area leaving behind arrowheads, potshards and pictographs six thousand years ago.

About 1,000 years ago the people of Taos Pueblo and Picuris Pueblo inhabit their villages. The Taos Pueblo, which borders the town of Taos on its north side, has been occupied for nearly a millennium. It is estimated that the Pueblo was built between 1000 and 1450 A.D., with some later expansion, and the pueblo is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States.

Located in a tributary valley off the Rio Grande, it is the most northern of the New Mexico Pueblos.  The Pueblo home rises five stories high, is a combination of many individual homes with common walls.  There are over 1,900 people in the Taos Pueblo community.  Some of them have modern homes near their fields and stay at their homes on Taos Pueblo during cooler weather. There are about 150 people who live at the pueblo year-around. The Taos Pueblo was added as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

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