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El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Centers (El Paso LIVE)

El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Centers (El Paso LIVE)

Eastern States Exposition, home of The Big E, has presented the finest livestock, the most innovative commercial, industrial and artistic developments, and the highest caliber of varied entertainment to the people of the Northeastern United States for more than a century. More than one million people now attend the 17 day Big E, an annual autumn extravaganza of entertainment, exhibits and agriculture – the culmination of a visionary idea first expressed by Joshua L. Brooks at the beginning of the 20th century.
Brooks knew that farming in New England was on the decline and that production costs were soaring. His hope was to create an Exposition that would provide demonstrations of new farming methods and establish competitive awards which would inspire farmers and their children to produce more efficiently and sponsor cooperative purchasing that would lower the farmers’ costs. Above all, Brooks believed in developing and showcasing an agricultural New England.
Working with twelve community leaders, Brooks spearheaded the purchase of 175 acres of former swampland in West Springfield. It took less than eight months to construct the Coliseum and cattle barns. The site was ready.
A group of determined New England businessmen went to Chicago and convinced the executive body of the National Dairy Show to hold their annual extravaganza in West Springfield instead of its traditional home, the Midwest. In 1916, this National Dairy Show was the first event held on the Exposition Grounds. It also marked the first time the show was held east of Chicago.

In the spring of 1917, 122 of the nation’s foremost manufacturers presented their products at the Industrial and Export conference in Exposition Park. And, in the fall of that same year, the very first Eastern States Exposition was opened to the public. A total of 138,000 people gathered at what would become an enduring tradition: the annual September event now known as The Big E, “New England’s Autumn Tradition.” To this day, that tradition has been interrupted only by two World Wars



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